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¡hola A Todos!

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Hola :) 



"first and foremost: DON'T FEED THE TROLLS. i think you already know how crazy exhale can get when some of the trolls(the bad, unfunny ones) make unnecessary threads about britney's body, etc. just ignore them cause they're only looking for attention. second, try to be a positive yet realistic fan. you don't have to praise britney about everything she does. make sure that's its only constructive criticism though and not you're not flat-out degrading britney. to get along with the members here you just have to be generally cool and know how to take some of the name calling here. its really fun here but sometimes people can take some things personally. a good sense of humor is a big plus    :oh: lastly send your noods to the admins its required for every new member   :cool2: "  RoboCop 

 Have fun!! 

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Welcome to Exhale. Enjoy your stay and make yourself feel welcome. Start posting and having fun!  :paper:

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