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Selena Gomez To Cover Everytime On The Stars Dance Tour?

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Guest Jawni

Let's hope Justin's fans impale Selena on a 10 feet long pogo stick until she bleeds to death from her prepubescent kitty before she ruins all of Brit's classics.

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why ???

It's become overkill. I want her to have her own identity as a singer. Her doing all this britney stuff just makes it seem like she's trying too much to be britney. Plus she didn't britney covers on her last tour and her fundraising concert.

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Damn! I really wanted to know what she'll be performing





Set list
  1. "Birthday" (contains excerpts from Birthday: Extended Mix)
  2. "Slow Down"
  3. "Hit the Lights"
  4. "Stars Dance"
  5. "Round and Round"
  6. "Falling Down"
  7. "Write Your Name"
  8. "Music Feels Better"
  9. "Bang Bang Bang"
  10. "B.E.A.T"
  11. "Undercover"
  12. "Nobody Does It Like You"
  13. "A Year Without Rain"
  14. "Love You Like a Love Song"
  15. "Love Will Remember"
  16. "Everytime" (Britney Spears Cover)
  17. "Whiplash"
  18. "Like a Champion"
  19. "Save the Day"
  20. "Naturally"
  21. "Who Says"
  22. "Come & Get It"



This is what wikipedia said ;)



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