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Selena Gomez's "stars Dance" Leaks

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Selena Gomez's "Stars Dance" Leaks

Selena Gomez's new album, "Stars Dance", leaked on Monday and is causing quite a stir amongst Exhalers and Britney fans!

She's stated many times Britney's a big influence in her new album.

The "baby dubstep" (as she put it) compilation is chock-full of ass shaking pop jams, including "Birthday," "Save The Day" and "Music Feels Better."

"To be honest, most of the record actually speeds up once I release [the first single] 'Come & Get It'," Selena told
MTV News
back in May. "The rest of the record, I've never taken this long to work on a record before. ... It was really fun for me to have more of a creative control and more of a say. I want it to be a mixture of everything I'm obsessed with. I love to dance and I love to make people dance."

Here are teasers of the album:

Whatcha think Britney fans?

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Finafuckingly tbh. Its very generic but I LOVE IT. Undercover is FAB! I was so shocked when she said "f**k me in the shadows"


She's finally slutting up her music Britney would be proud



... then ask who Selena is again 

:walkonby:  :walkonby:  :walkonby:  :walkonby:  :walkonby:

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Just like how Britney sounds the same on every single song on FF? :queenflopga:

:walkonby:  :walkonby:  :walkonby:  :walkonby:  :walkonby:  :walkonby:  :walkonby:

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My initial reaction like WTF, I hope this doesn't hurt her sales too much, her previous albums leaked ahead of time as well, but idk


Eh it was only 8 days early, that's pretty average. I figured it would happen soon

I haven't listened yet but I can't wait :shake:

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