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Slim Shady

The Official Rihanna Thread

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Theres a collab with Shakira coming!? Oh my... Where have I been!? Is that all we know? Theres no song title? or release date yet? Im so hyped now, I saw your post and nearly jumped

That's all I personally know, there is no song title (or none that I know of) and the only release date we have is next year (which isn't much). I'm so excited too !

you're beautiful :yes2:

Thanks you, you too  :-*

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:hug: Ben oui, je suis Marocain :displeased:


If you're talking about Rihanna with other artists...Hole in My Head (w. Justin Timberlake) 

if you're talking about other artists featuring Rihanna, The Monster (Eminem), Live Your Life (T.I.), Princess of China (Coldplay), Who's That Chick ? (David Guetta)...this Shakira collaboration will probably be my 1st lol


comment tu t'appelles ? :yes2:


Effectivement :yes2:  Je m'appelle Léa, et toi ?


I wasn't talking about any kind of collab in particular, but I've never hear Hole in My Head and Live Your Life, shame on me :izudumb:  I love Shakira too, so this collab sound awesome :soexcited:

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moi, c'est Ahmed, J'adore ton prénom :)

ravi de vous connaître, Mlle. Léa :yes2:


well, Hole in My Head was a exclusive Nokia bonus track in Rated R (her best album which was produced by JT) so it's understandable lol...but how come you don't know Live Your Life ? :O it was such a huge hit lol 


Yes OMG I'm DYING for that collab...I Love How Shakira loves France and France loves her :lol:

she is beloved everywhere but she seems to be really close to France and Spain...


Merci, et j'aime aussi ton prénom. :)


Moi de même, Mr. Ahmed. :kisskiss:


Rated R is my favorite album of her too ! :britney-awyeah:  I listened to both songs - and it turns out that Live Your Life sounds familiar, so I've probably heard it before without knowing it was a song from Rihanna, I think it's a good song :thumbsup:  Hole In My Head is good too, even if I'm not really a Justin Timberlake fan.


Yes, Shakira seems to love France a lot, which is awesome. :clap:  And she is also loved in France, of course. :qtney:

She does also seems to have a particular link with Spain.

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Merci :)


haha merci beaucoup..


lol they actually sampled another song


...but it was so big it's pretty wierd how you don't really know about it lol

You don't like JT ? not even FutureSex/LoveSounds ? that album is so good tbh


Yes :shake: she really really does...she also loves the language obviously lol

 she was actually in her house in France finishing her last songs for the new album..


and yes of course...

she shot some MVs there, records in a studio there, her boyfriend is Spanish, and let's not forget this song lol 


De rien :)


Yes, I've heard it too !


I've started to listen to music very recently (like, in 2011-2012 :overitkbye: ), so I have a lot to catch up. I never heard FutureSex/LoveSounds, maybe I should try. I don't like JT, he seem a little like a douchebag, with the whole Janet Jackson incident and the Britney debacle so yeah :wutdafuck:


Yes, I've read about it ! I've also her adorable kid, he's so cute :clap:

This song is cool :thumbsup:



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