Oida Glee Instrumental Version With Britney's Voice.

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FIRST OF ALL, sorry for my maybe bad english, my native languaje is Spanish.

Hey y'all, this is my first tread ever. I really don't know where to post this.. so i start a new topic, and i don't know if this is okay.  :britney-ummmyeano:

But well, i've been following BH since 2007ney :crying2:, -Time when i really become a Britney stan- but i just oppened and account here like a month ago.  :britney-agreedlol:


And well, since i've realized how many good and talented exhalers are here making remix songs, mashups and stuff, i was just wondering if can someone please make a

mix (?) with the INSTRUMENTAL OIDA glee version (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBbXdr4Oy68)  with Britney's voice there. :yaknow:


I mean, i loved Rachel's version :britney-truepepsi:, but c'mon! Britney's voice in that instrumental WOULD BE AWESOMELY SEXY AND HAWT! :fierceney: :excited:


That would be like heaven on earth for my ears, and maybe for a couple of exhalers out there too.  :XF1:


Help me make this happen for our common devotion to Godney Spearit! . :walkonby:


Love you all just for being Britney fans. ;) Bye! 



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wrong forum honey


 oh god, sorry, where should i post this? im so newby that is written on my facetumblr_inline_mkaw9pE4yO1qz4rgp.gif

Wrong section.



Sorry i'm new  :bitchplz:


is it wrong to say, i actually heard him say this in a bad mexican accent? :drown:


Actually i'ts Spanish from Venezuela, my bad its with gramma, but my pronuntiation is actually really good :britney-agreedlol:

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