Jamie Lynn Tweets Justin Timberlake

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Jamie Lynn celebrated her birthday with a message to Justin Timberlake, who's jamming to his music and finally understands its meaning. Apparently.

She Tweeted (with the above photo):


@jtimberlake Weird hearing ur music as an Adult ha..Not only do I appreciate it.I GET it #jay #crymeariver #mirror

"Cry Me A River" hashtag? The infamous track about Britney? I feel uncomfortable.

UPDATE: She Tweeted a followup:

I hope you all know that my tweets are only to support my sister @britneyspears - anything left over was to @jtimberlake #sisterlove #4eva

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Hahaha awkward

this is past awkward if he takes a quick glance at his mentions and sees spears his first thought is gonna be britney tweeted me about cry me a river? :wutdafuck:

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