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Welcome to the official thread dedicated to.........

Justin Randall Timberlake.

The Prince of Pop.



I have hesitated making this thread for two years now because this place is cray, but this glorious time in Justin's music career calls for it.

We have plenty to discuss - the album, promo, the past and present, stan moments etc.


The 20/20 Experience - Out March 19 2013




So now, sexy bitches -

We gon let Justin show us a few thaangs, a few thaaaangs, a few thangs.

And get yo sexy on.

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Standouts? Gorl, the whole album is standouts.

If you want the absolute standouts in my opinion - Pusher Love Girl, Strawberry Bubblegum, Blue Ocean Floor, Let the Groove Get In, Don't Hold the Wall, Mirrors.

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Thank you, Haburo, for bringing some positivity to this place.

These haters.....


King Timberlake remains unbothered.




As of now, it appears that Justin Timberlake will score the fifth-biggest debut of this decade, behind only two Taylor Swift albums (1.2m, 1.05m) and one each from Lady Gaga and Lil Wayne (1.1m, 964k).

The killer bow of The 20/20 Experience will also give Sony Music four of the Top 10 biggest debuts since 2010. Here's how it looks headed into the weekend:

*Justin Timberlake (RCA) 850-900k

Bruno Mars (Atlantic) 37-42k

Luke Bryan (Capitol Nashville) 35-40k

*Kacey Musgraves (Mercury Nashville) 35-40k

Bon Jovi (Island/IDJ) 32-37k

P!nk (RCA) 29-33k

*Les Miserables (Republic) 25-28k

Rihanna (Def Jam/IDJ) 24-27k

Mumford & Sons (Glassnote) 24-27k

Imagine Dragons (Interscope) 24-27k

David Bowie (Columbia) 21-24k

Now 45 (Capitol) 21-24k

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Macklemore) 19-22k

Fun. (Atlantic) 19-22k

Florida Georgia Line (Big Machine/Republic Nashville) 18-21k

* Debuts

It also bears mentioning that in addition to the #1 album at iTunes, Timberlake also has the #1 ("Suit & Tie"), #5 ("Mirrors") and #23 ("Pusher Love Girl") singles.

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flawless thread is flawless, reigning Prince of Pop and R&B :bow:

20/20 is FLAWLESS, honestly one of my favorite albums ever.

STANDOUTS: Suit & Tie, Don't Hold The Wall, Tunnel Vision, Mirrors, Let The Groove Get In, Body Count, Blue Ocean Floor

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My favourite changes everyday but Strawberry Bubblegum and BOF remain the overriding favourites for me personally.

I love Tunnel Vision right now. I looook around and everythinggg I see is beautiful.cos.all.I.see.is.you. And I cant deny it. And I stand by it.

Everything just disappears. disappears. dissss-a-peears. dis.a.ppears.yeah.

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