The Official X Factor Live Finale Part 1

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Please vote as many times as you can!

Call 1-855-843-9301 or 1-855-843-9304

Text the word VOTE to 9301 or 9304 (Verizon)

or on


Today's part I of The X Factor season finale on FOX at 8PM, and Carly Rose needs your vote!

Carly's done an amazing job transforming from an unknown to a superstar in front of millions, and Britney's played a huge role as mentor. Carly winning would be a fantastic feat for both ladies, and it's up to the Britney Army to make sure she takes home the grand prize!

Britney Tweeted fans: U’ve all been so supportive through the yrs. I c myself in Carly & it would mean the world if u supported her just the same 2night by voting

Please use #CarlyForTheWin to support our girl!

She told Extra:

“If she doesn't win, I'm going to have to beat Tate up. Big time. I'm going to come to his house the next morning and beat the poop out of him.”

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Voice your support for Carly or tell us if you disagree and want Tate or Fifth Harmony to win.

Good luck tonight, ladies!

UPDATE: Photos and video of Britney and Carly on the red carpet:


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Ready to be slayed, this is really good in informing voters how to power vote, make the best use of the time windows and for international fans. I really hope Carly wins, Britney deserves to be the winning mentor. Please pass it along to people you know will vote for Carly. We have to do this for Britney and vote our asses off because with Demi dueting with 5H all Lovatic votes and the teen/pop vote that may have previously gone to Carly will go to 5H. And country is huge in the US and people but Tate's story. But we all know Britney has been the most flawless mentor (like last week with Imagine) and she really wants Carly to win so lets do it for our queen.


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plz don't only say yay!!!!vote like you've never voted before!

EXACTLY. Do not get complacent and think she'll win automatically, we all need to vote our asses off constantly thinking it's not enough if we are to have any chance

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well i think when britney said she hasn't thought about coming back for next season she must of had a change of heart

last time she told reporters that she'd 'definitley' be back when asked about doing a 2nd season.


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