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Britney's 31st birthday is on Sunday, and Team Britney wants fans to send in their bday wishes through Instagram.

Post a photo that expresses yourself, whether it's a photo of you, art... anything! Make sure you tag it with #HappyBirthdayBritney.

All the contributions will be printed out and placed into a flipbook and given to Brit on her special day. Make sure you spread the word to your fellow Britney fans so this is a big surprise for our girl.

Because, yea... The Army's celebrating this bday all weekend long - looking forward to seeing submissions!

Happy birthday, Britney!

Jason Tweeted:

I found the perfect card for her!

Check out the Tweets from celebs:

Perez Hilton ‏@PerezHilton @britneyspears Happy birthday, Queen!!!!!!!

Diamond White ‏@Diamondkwhite I want to wish a happy birthday to my amazing mentor @britneyspears ! I hope all your wished come true because you have made mine come true!

Heidi Klum ‏@heidiklum
Happy birthday @britneyspears

Carly Rose Sonenclar ‏@CarlyRoseMusic
Happy birthday to the best mentor, an amazing person, and an inspiration, @britneyspears! I am so blessed to have you in my life! #muchlove

Scream & Shout it today: #HappyBirthdayBritney

Sophia Grace ‏@PrincessSGB
Happy Birthday @britneyspears , it was SO GOOD to meet you in #LA , Have a wonderful day, Love from Sophia Grace Xxx pic.twitter.com/VkyBZOPt

Rolling Stone ‏@RollingStone
Happy 31st birthday, Britney Spears! Take a look back through the singer's life in photos: http://rol.st/11ruXwU

myahmarie ‏@myahmarie
Happy birthday @britneyspears !!!!

Official Charts ‏@officialcharts
Happy birthday @britneyspears! 7,3 million UK singles sold and sixteen Top 5 singles. A true pop legend. http://goo.gl/JSBGE

MTV News ‏@MTVNews
Happy 31st birthday, @BritneySpears!! Your girl @KhloeKardashian has some bday love for you! http://ow.ly/fJlYZ

Happy Birthday to #VEVOCertified artist, @BritneySpears! Watch her talk about some of her greatest music videos: http://vevo.ly/V8zlvd

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRITNEY! Enjoy 31 incredible @BritneySpears photos in honor of her 31 incredible years on earth: http://ow.ly/fKGZ4

ELLE Magazine (US) ‏@ELLEmagazine
Happy birthday, @britneyspears! See her best looks here: http://on.elle.com/SEr97t

YouTube ‏@YouTube
Sending out a happy birthday to the one and only Britney Spears. http://goo.gl/n43KI

ADRIEN GALO ‏@adriengalo86
Happy birthday!!!! @britneyspears enjoy your day!! xx

Billboard @billboard
Happy birthday @britneyspears! Relive the 10 moments that made her one of the world's biggest stars. http://blbrd.co/Tvkf2Z

InStyle ‏@InStyle
Happy 31st birthday, @BritneySpearshttp://ow.ly/fKESI

HuffPostStyle ‏@HuffPostStyle
Happy birthday, Britney Spearshttp://huff.to/11hyA9o

VH1 ‏@VH1
It's @BritneySpears birthday, b*tch! Celebrate with her 31 greatest faces of all time: http://on.vh1.com/WCl2jF That's hot pic.twitter.com/4rNvnOrV

Cosmopolitan ‏@Cosmopolitan
Happy Birthday @BritneySpears! We're still Slaves 4 U. http://cosm.ag/6019pdbT

Lucky Magazine ‏@LuckyMagazine
Happy Birthday @britneyspearshttp://lcky.mg/TDWuFH

UPDATE: Madonna dedicated her "Open Your Heart" performance on the MDNA tour in Brazil tonight to Brit for her bday!

UPDATE: Britney Facebooked fans about her happy bday, saying:

Having an absolutely wonderful birthday. Thanks so much for the sweet wishes - I love you all!!! xxoo

Brit responded to Simon:

You're a day late @SimonCowell. Clearly your senility is to blame. I forgive you :)
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[u][color="#0084b4"][b]Jason Trawick[/b]‏[/color][s][color="#66b5d2"]@[/color][/s][b][color="#0084b4"]jasontrawick[/color][/b][/u]
Send in ur bday wishes for B on Instagram w/ [url="https://twitter.com/search?q=%23HappyBirthdayBritney&src=hash"][s][color="#66b5d2"]#[/color][/s][b][color="#0084b4"]HappyBirthdayBritney[/color][/b][/url]. We're printing them out and making a flip book to give her as a present

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Even [u][s][color="#66b5d2"]@[/color][/s][b][color="#0084b4"]AdamLeber[/color][/b][/u] [url="https://twitter.com/search?q=%23BritneyArmy&src=hash"][s][color="#66b5d2"]#[/color][/s][b][color="#0084b4"]BritneyArmy[/color][/b][/url]: Send in your Britney bday wishes on Instagram with [url="https://twitter.com/search?q=%23HappyBirthdayBritney&src=hash"][s][color="#66b5d2"]#[/color][/s][b][color="#0084b4"]HappyBirthdayBritney[/color][/b][/url]. We're printing them & making a fan flip book for her

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[quote name='FreaK_Tonight' timestamp='1354341649' post='7645054']
WTF is an instagram? :lmfaoo:
[/quote] it's a app where you upload pictures and share them with the world!!! It's really cool!!! Have you ever heard of Facebook?

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