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Does Anyone Have Any Insight On The Lady Gaga/perez Hilton Feud?

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idk how it started, that's their own biz.

heres some stuff they have been saying tho:

Gaga posted something on little monsters saying how friends have betrayed her and that they change once you become famous. (directed at perez)


perez tweeted like an hour later that he has been betrayed by friends lolk


perez also called Gaga out on wearing fur and wrote bad press about Gaga singing like a prayer on her tour which was obv fake. Gaga's friend tara is the one defending her, which is smart on Gaga's part tbh lol. she called him out by tweeting a pic of him wearing fur.

perez is a two faced c**t, and comes across as fake.

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Good riddance. He's a fucking asshole. Remember when he talked sh!t about Britney and claimed Michael Jackson was faking his death to get out of a concert then he later deleted the post. Idiot.

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