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Madonna is the perfect pop star... she puts those who are coming up to shame.

She's in her 50s... the bitch is only one year younger then my own mother and she can dance her ass off better then most of these pop stars that are out there right now. People try to hate and bring her down but she keeps going. Its like the hate from people and the love from her fans are her fuel. She never disappoints at any show and gives her 100%. Some of these "stans" of other females tend to forget that before there was a Gaga, Britney, XTina, Rihanna, etc... it was just Madonna. Sure Janet, Paula and others were out there too but no one pushed it as far as she did and she received a lot of scrutiny for all that she has done but it benefited those like the pop stars we see today because they dont get half as much as Madonna was getting back in the early 90s.

To some, Madonna is a "bitch". To me, that's a strong woman who knows her iconic status. She doesnt need to treat her fans like some "kids" or draw up some emotional sh!t trying to get sympathy. She's here to entertain and do her job. She's here to be a performer and give her fans what they want.

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what?! u crazy. her debut & LAV are flawless imo. TB is amazing too.

omg u love the BS era like i do?! my fave era. all the videos from that album (Secret, TAB, BS & HN) are like my fave videos of all time. :bow:

I like them but they're at the bottom of my list tbh.

Yup! Bedtime Stories is my second favorite female album ever!

My most played album tbh.


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I'm not bitter, i'm just saying what the rest of the general public think bye now.

LOL... that "general public" that you speak of just helped Madonna break tour records before she even stepped on stage. On top of that... everyone is saying that she may outgross U2's record... bound to happen in a couple of months. I know, I know... doesnt it feel horrible that a bitch like Madonna just keeps winning? Irks you so much that someone so evil, rude, and just plain "old" keeps coming back and getting massive play? How can someone so fucking evil and rude keeps selling out massive tours is the question at hand. She remains unbothered and you remain trolling her threads, mad. :D

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Guest Jawni

Izzy dragging them Gaga stans as usual. :D

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