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I should also tell you that I remember being in 8th grade and the kids were absolutely shocked when another kid didn't know what cum meant and that alone made people not interested in being friends with him. In 9th grade though if someone didn't know was sex was, I can't guarantee that kid would have any friends for the rest of his high school career.


You really need to explain this to me because I have no idea how you went that long without knowing what sex was. Did you not attend any sex ed classes? Did you even go to school? When I was in 7th grade we were having sex ed the teacher began by asking everyone if they had any questions before moving on with sex ed and one of the kids said, "yeah where do babies come from" with a sarcastic tone and everyone laughed assuming he was joking, even the teacher just assumed he was joking.


What did you think Britney's lyrics were about? Do you watch TV? Its so weird I can't help but think your lying.

My parents really never told me anything even when children in my class were talking about sex. I only got sex ed when I was 16. I only watched cartoons until i was 16. I wasn't allowed to watch anything but the disney channel or nickelodeon. My grand mother was to first one who told me what sex meant :moorangu:

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