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Adult Images / Pornography

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Hello, I received a notice from Google about Adult Content / Pornography inside of Exhale. This included the Justin Bieber sex tape fake rumor.

NO Gifs / pictures hot men making out, revealing photos etc. If it's not suitable for someone 13 years old or younger, it's inappropriate.

I am not pleased about this, as I believe this is a form of censorship, but those are the rules unfortunately. Failure to comply will result in an IP ban from the entire site (every single page), and/or a possible IP submission.

Bottom line: go back to your posts and remove any adult content if there is any. This is IMAGES ONLY, not text. Check your signatures as well.For now, the feature has been disabled until the forum is cleaned up.

Thank you,

Jordan Miller

BreatheHeavy.com Owner / Administrator

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[rquote=5455329&tid=343900&author=breatheheavy][rquote=5455326&tid=343900&author=ToxicWorld]lmao what about general?? Things could\'ve been posted a year ago and we have to search that far through our posts?


Personally I never posted anything adult but I\'m sure other members will not remember what they posted a year ago or two. That\'s a big hassle.

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[rquote=5455365&tid=343900&author=KevnWilliams][rquote=5455064&tid=343900&author=blackdragonfly3]that sucks. :(


I know. Pornhale is funny sometimes[/rquote]


This is shitty though. For those of us who have never posted content like that. Let\'s hope it\'s fixed soon!

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