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Found 27 results

  1. To me it somewhat and somehow reminds cows. What does it remind to you? Y'all''''-know - the phrase, when she sings "Work, work!" :D
  2. Anyone? And do you think the winner will leak the audio or not?
  3. Britneys next album should be sensational, original, and what is most importany - it should please everyone (Including Britney herself). The Album title can be something like - "Me, Myself and I". It should includes 3 different kind of songs: 1) "Me" topic should represent her Britney Spears image and includes the songs that inspire people about self-confident things. It can be fierce, fun, sexy, edgy and everything Britney is the best in (that's what the most of the people think) the songs like: '"slave", "Toxis", thee hook up" , "radar", "Ooh Ooh Baby" but I really want lyrics to have some sense (even I like listening to "how i roll" sometimes - it has no f**king sense). Also it can be provocative like "if u seek amy'' thing : )) 2) topic "Myself" should includes the songs that represent the views of Britney herself about the world. She's a legend. She can reach all of the world and teach them more that just "Work".. there are plenty of interviews where Britney is saying wise phrases about people, how they act and how they should, what instincts they follow, war/peace, abusing/defending etc.. she have been so much in her life and she's really a warrior and I'm sure she can teach this cruel world hoe to be better! Britneys discography doesn't includes this kind of songs but there are seveal related like : "Rebellion", "Stronger", "Liar", "Mona lisa", "Work Bitch" 3) "I" - I think it's a the most delicious topic for her fans. The song about herself, her feelings. The songs that are really personal. Like Britney is doing interview and speaks about the things that she really feels (nos about food, gym and hawai). Maybe about her past, press, pressure, needs etc. It can even includes one song about her children (only one because fans hate songs like "my baby"). In second topic Britneys ideas could be written by other but on his topic most of the songs should write Britney I guess (and it could be better if here will be the songs that Brit already has written years ago but lable didn't wont them in albums or smth). This topic songs should includes songs lie " Overprotected", "piece of me", lucky", "My prerogative", "I'm not a girl.."what's like to be me", "everytime", "If u seek amy","why should i be sad" "I wanna go", "Alien" Each topic can have 12-15 tracks. each topic shoul release at lest 2 singles. It wouldn't be "lemonade" or something really rare but i will be different, original and really good thing to do. It would be worth to buy because it really needs hard work but she has all the musicians that adore working with her and I think she has plenty of material already what she wanted to share before but because of the album direction or something it was rejected but now she can put some in different topics :D So make world music great again! Pin the topic for Britney team to see it (or send sem info if u know somebody) If they will go with this kind of direction, they will make specal album, sure they will make changes and refine idea but who cares?! They should start to work hard. It's Britney f**kin spearss album!
  4. I'm talking about Glory here, in an alternate universe where Britney and her team didn't waste the budget on a scrapped music video which would probably mean we would've gotten a third single. Anyway which one do you think they would've released after Slumber Party IMO I think Britney was leaning towards Do You Want To Come Over as the third single, she said she loved it and that it was her kids favorite song and she put it in POM
  5. Spongbob

    music Did you know???

    alien has sold over 200,000 copies 300,000 more and it would have out sold slumber party
  6. This morning I was playing music on shuffle on spotify in my car with a friend, then WHAT YOU NEED comes on and my friend (a no bfan girl who sometimes listens to Britney) and she started dancing and improvising lipsync to this song since she doesn't even know it and she said: "I like the jazzy rythm" To me, as a fan since 1999, I love this song because I appreciate the fact she sings, or at least she tries to sing in a different way and incorporates a fun style, I love when she does that, it’s very jazzy, fun and it would be so perfect if she ever sings it live.... .... but I also admit that the classic chipmunk nasal voice is kind of obvious and annoying for some people, specially for non-fans. To me, it feels good to hear Britney singing something different because I have been following her steps since forever ago but for a random person from the gp (just like my friend) it may sound annoying. My feelings towards WHAT YOU NEED are 50% I love it but 50% I hate it What do you guys think???
  7. I was watching this masterpiece and i was thinking how impossible is it to see something like this from Britney I hope somehow she gets the chance to watch this band and get inspired, this is the future now
  8. I want darkney and mysteriousney for the next era The singer has a baby voice as well and she also has a song called Bodyache
  9. Who do I see?Who do I wanna be today? GLORYS FORGOTTEN MASTERPIECE.....alas Mood Ring... trippy vocalney slays I want more moodringney on B10. DJ MUSTARD COME SLAY US
  10. Daredevil

    music Britney Spanish vibed

    I can imagine Britney experimentimg more with spanish as in change your mind something like these would rock!!!: or something sweeter like this: What do you think ??? I would love that
  11. She’s collared with plenty rappers and female pop queens but not many diets with male singers since debut...is there any male singers/rapper-singers that you think she’d sound good with?
  12. CristMont

    music New album revealed

  13. iknowthemusic'sgood

    music B10 Concept: PHOENIX

    I think B10 needs to be a mature concept album. Britney is a Phoenix. She has come back from what could have been ashes. She’s such an inspiration to so many people. I also like the idea of the Roman numeral X in the album title. I put together some ideas out of boredom that you can look at here: https://www.scribd.com/document/379609912/B10-Phoenix I want her to have another career defining track and I feel some combination of Cher’s Believe, TTWE, and HIAM with great lyrics could be a smash.
  14. One of Britney's best songs honestly
  15. I'm tired of people saying "She needs to evolve musically. She needs to grow up as an artist and needs to have more mature lyrics." If DEEP, mature lyrics is what you really crave from Britney, I dare you all to take your holy bible, aka Blackout, as an example here: Which songs are your favorites? Is the go-to track you listen to most "Why Should I Be Sad?" If I've observed correctly, WSIBS continues to be named as one of the more forgettable, less listened-to tracks on here. Instead, you name songs like Gimme More, Break The Ice or Get Naked as your favorites. These songs have a great beat and great production but "DEEP, MEANINGFUL lyrics"? I don't think so. (Mind you when I say this, I too love every single track on Blackout.) The truth of the matter is that fans have a tendency to delude themselves into thinking that lyrics are what they truly care about - they're not. Think about the tracks you listen to most often - are they really that mature from a lyrical perspective or is it the track itself, the vocals, the production that have made you fall in love with the song? Chances are, it's the latter and there's nothing wrong with that. Also, take Britney out of the picture for a second and think about the music you listen to other than her - do you know what these songs are actually about? (I'm especially talking to the ones whose native language is not English.) Again, chances are you don't. You may have a vague idea... but let's be real.. how many times have you actually fallen in love with a song for its lyrics? Dare I say never, maybe a couple of times... but most time you fall in love with the melody, the artist's vocals, the production etc. Same goes for the general public x 100. Just as you don't care about the lyrics to the awesome Selena song you heard on the radio the other day, non-Britney fans don't care about the lyrics of her music. In fact, I'd go as far as saying that Britney's biggest and most successful songs are arguably also her most shallow ones lyrically minus Everytime and Piece Of Me (which are both exceptions to the rule). Lyrics matter much less than fans make them out to do and therefore, an average person hearing her new, deep material isn't gonna go "OMG.. I've never liked Britney before. But have you heard her new track? It's lykeee so deep and inspiring. OMG I'm a fan now" Fans think that she needs to gain respect from the GP by having a more mature image and lyrics. Take a second to think about who you're talking about. When we say GP we are talking about the people who made Katy Perry famous for "kissing a girl" and smearing cream all over her tits. We're talking about the people who fell in love with GaGa not for Born This Way or ARTPOP but for Just Dance and Poker Face. We're talking people whose vocabulary consists of "slayyyyyy mama", "fierce, girl", "omg like totally", "YAAAS Queen YAAAS" "my weave is snatched" - THAT'S the general public, not the lyrics committee at the grammy's like fans make them out to be. Having deep lyrics is NOT gonna get her any additional respect, especially not a noticeable one that will translate into additional success. In fact, I think we just need to let Britney BE HERSELF. She's never been THAT type of artist and the more she's pushed into that direction, the more she'll distance herself from the essence of who she is as an artist. The contrived attempt at making super-deep, meaningful lyrics about the meaning of life, how endlessly transformed she's become through the power of love etc. is only going to end in her losing another piece of her identity as an artist and will come off as phony and trying-too-hard rather than being sincere and "evolved." In short, she doesn't have to show faux musical intellectualism to prove herself as an artist. Also, one more thing - I'm tired of the notion that lyrics about personal/health/relationship struggles or human rights and empowerment are somehow more valuable than lyrics about sex, dating and partying. I'm sorry but to me the former feels 100% more try-hard, fake and contrived than the latter. Britney said herself she's simple and there's nothing wrong with that. She's simple in her approach to life and she's simple in her approach to music and lyrics - she says it like it is. Her life right now is great - her kids are doing great, she has a hot boyfriend, makes tons of money and enjoys working out - she's not the tortured artist. Therefore, I'd say let her continue singing about dating, dancing and sex because that's ultimately what she KNOWS and it comes off 100% more authentic than anything else. I approve this message.
  16. I know I’ll get dragged for this by those of you that don’t care about charts or her appealing to the gp but that’s how big eras are achieved. Being relevant to the GP means you win awards, chart successfully, release more singles and music videos etc. So if you want a big cohesive era she has to be a commercial success. Personally I would say that this could be achieved through hyping the first single making it a classic Britney banger and focusing on achieveing good streaming and radio play. Fans will mostly always buy the music it’s the streaming from the GP that boosts it and causes music to chart well. What else do they need to do to have a successful era where they learn lessons from the past?
  17. ...about new music. They rushed Britney Jean and we all know what happened. Then in 2014 Britney told that she's working for a new album and half year later we got floppy girls. Following the flop and Britney's dissatisfaction they had to scrap all the songs that were ready ("pretty world"). They changed her executive producer and we got glory. Then make me video was scrapped because Brinty did not want it to be too sexy. Then we got finally a proper single with proper video but the hype was already over because all those mistakes. I'm sure they don't want to do these same mistakes again. They don't want to hype albums too early so they can scrap flops like britney jean. She's probably already recorded enough material for b10 but they must play this one safe and make a perfect album and music videos so they are keeping it low-key. I know many of you are so frustrated of waiting new stuff and so I am but i'd rather have good era once in 4 years than britney jeans every other year.
  18. If it's gonna celebrate 20 years then what about: "Spears" Sounds iconic to me... or is that too basic? Am I that basic? What would you guys like?
  19. After giving it some thought, and being excited for B10, I was thinking about a great theme for the next album. As much as I loved Glory, I wish there was more of a theme. After giving it thought, I knew that I wanted something to come close to In the Zone and Blackout, but also with the Glory vibe. An album theme that focuses on mood and personality would be a great way to go. The song Mood Ring gave me that idea. Jekyll & Hyde 1. My Game, My Rules A great introduction song. It sets the mood for the album, and she gets right to the point that she calls the shots on stage. 2. Jekyll & Hyde An idea from Mood Ring. It's the first track that discusses the many different sides of a person. 3. 2007 She gets somewhat personal with her breakdwon, which would be HUGE. Realistically speaking if she did something like this, it would be a song that talks about getting through your struggles and being stronger. Not so much in detail to what happened to her in that year. It's more about conquering your fears. 4. Blindfold A ballad revolving around the concept of what you see is not what you always get. 5. Karma Bitch (Feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott) Britney and Madonna show their men what will happen if you mess with them. Missy Elliott is also featured for a small rap part. 6. Wiked The song is about a witch, a woman, who was viewed in a negative way by many people, but really she is a beautiful woman who wasn't viewed fairly. 7. Colors (Feat.Lady Gaga) A song that represents the LGBTQ community! The song would be about expressing your true self no matter who you are. 8. Roll the Dice The song is about going with your gut, and taking a gamble on a guy. 9. Voodoo A super sexy dance track! She talks about how her moves on the dance floor puts a spell on the guy she likes. 10. Chameleon She talks about finding your inner beauty, being yourself and not blending in with everyone else. 11. Confession A ballad where she reveals to the guy how she truly feels about him. 12. Game Over Britney has caught on to her man's cheating ways, and is making it clear to him that she's done with him. The song features sounds of old arcade music, and somewhat repetitive like Womanizer (lyric wise). Bonus 13. Baby One More Time (Cabaret Version) A different version of Baby One More Time, to celebrate 20 years in the industry.
  20. Cause I only hear Myah. I swear, Brit didn't sing a single note in Chillin Wichu.
  21. Leave your tacky jokes at the door and either play the game or don't. Mine: Work Bitch Alien Till It's Gone It Should Be Easy Don't Cry Hold On Tight Body Ache Passenger Chillin' With You Tik Tik Boom Perfume Now That I Found You Brightest Morning Star
  22. Yall need to watch this it's just epic and hilarious at the same time lmao. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJV32B8phmY&feature=youtu.be
  23. I just wonder if Britney will ever bring this sort of artistic or theatrical creativity to her future tours. Madonna did this when she was 43, so there's obviously nothing stopping Brit from doing it physically, and no wonder she's bored basically just skipping across stage and doing simple dance routines that have nothing to do with the music...
  24. They should collab! I can actually see this happening on B10, what do you guys think?