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Found 9 results

  1. Herumbra

    tour without the backflip...

    Touch of my hand can get scrapped from the tour for me i live for the song but the performance without the backflip is just so empty (this was the best thing ever)
  2. Chaoscontrol

    tour Update on my ticket meltdown!

    Hey Exhale! So a couple weeks ago, I had a meltdown about if I should upgrade my tickets or not to closer to the stage. Here's a bit of an update and backstory: I bought 2 sets (4 tickets total) for the Mohegan show during presale. I had two friends who wanted in, one pulled out and the other one no longer wanted to go. So it fell on me to sell these tickets. The friend I am sitting with managed to sell them to an old friend of hers. This morning, said friend contacted her saying that she got FREE tickets from the arena for being a casino high roller and she no longer needed our tickets. My friend, being the Angel she is went back and fourth with this chick at like 6 am, and managed to pull some strings. Now were not exactly sure what seats her friend has, but any comped tickets she's gotten for shows have always been first couple of rows. My angel friend convinced her friend to swap seats with us for a small price, which I have no problem paying. She said that I am like the absolute biggest fan and would die to get closer. This girl agreed! So as of right now, I am moving up close to the stage, and didn't have to pay $600+ in order to do so. We're not sure where the seats are (wont know till the day of the show) but we're sure they're gonna be better than ours. In the meantime we are holding onto our tickets till the day of. I am so so so stoked! There's a very good chance I will be within the first 5 rows. I'm freaking the f**k out because of it! I just wanted to share with ya'll! Stayed tuned for further updates and the never ending anixety I am having over this concert!
  3. ItsGodneyB**ch

    tour For French fans =)

    Hi French army! I'm trying to sell two spare standing tickets (original price) for Paris, the 28th, August, but I'm having a hard time because I'm from Spain and it's difficult to find someone who can or wants to travel to Paris. I'll be attending the show in the second date, the 29th! Please, if you've got a French friend or acquaintance who wants to go and missed the opportunity to buy tickets let me know!! I'd very much appreciate it! Thanks in advance =) Here goes my Twitter, just in case!
  4. goincrazy4brit

    tour about the tour

    so i looked on Britney's site how the tickets are going so far and there are still dates that are not sold out both 'vip' and 'tickets' for instance in NY, Germany, Belgium, Manchester, is it something we need to concern about or it will turned sold out eventually? what do you think? Meanwhile, i noticed that her last show is on Oct 21 and before that she has a show in Blackpool on September 1, it's almost 2 months separated, do you think they will add more dates in September?
  5. Hey guys! I was wondering if there was anybody attending the show in Antwerp this year. I am going alone so far, maybe there is someone who is also going by him/herself and would like to meet and go together? That would be kinda cool.
  6. I saw my queen live in concert at Manchester Arena. She slayed Radar, she thought we were London, and the whole experience was just something else
  7. As we all know Britney's POM "costumes" have been beyond tacky, cheap, and horrendous since 2013. I really hope she works with REAL designers to make REAL costumes that are creative and beautiful. We would die if she wore any of these: WB/Womanizer/BTI/POM: BOMT/OIDIA: MATM/GM: Boys/DYWCO: Slave/MM/Freakshow/DS: Circus/IUSA/BOM/SP/TOMH: Toxic/Stronger/Crazy/TTWE:
  8. Rickey3089

    tour Let's Argue

    Ok so I don't want to compare Circus era to Currentney, but I'm tired of you guys saying circus wasn't good. For the first leg she was kinda staled no lie detected, but lets be real this was her first tour in almost 5 years. After the first leg the bitch was back to Britney the performer. Now the reason for this topic is some of you guys confused having a lot of choreography to performing flawlessly. POM has ton of choreography (that's really not hard to do) but Britney doesn't add anything to it or make it her own she kinda lost it somehow. I know back in the beginning of 2016 she was showing signs of the second coming of primney but it didn't happen she didn't stay consistent. With circus after the first leg Britney was pretty much consistent and made the little choreography she did have look flawless plus her swag was still there and the rhythm also. Here's two video from both shows to me at their best & I pick circus. I just wish Britney get that drive in her to perform again cause it's their it just needs to be reignited PS watch the videos!!
  9. The other day I found out I would be on the east coast during her tour so I've been looking on Ticketmaster and Stubhub. I know tickets went on sale a while ago and this is a limited tour in more intimate venues but her show is not worth $300 for the cheapest tickets. Is her team delusional or is it bc of something else?