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  1. Radio? Tbh I think the platforms have changed since 2003... also the type of music. She can have a total different approach, a viral music video, an iconic type of song. Between now and 20 years on things can change. Maybe you don’t like her anymore, maybe she will be retired within next years... but what I am trying to say is that she have not to be in her prime to have another hit or iconic song, she don’t have to be popular like she was or dance like she used to. She can eventually have it as she is, here are a few female artists that have total different and unique hits in theirs 50s.. maybe fans are getting old and complain about everything in this world like an ancient person... if you can see how things have changed and how will Change in the future here is a ton of things that can happen
  2. I love WB hope it was higher on billboard still iconic Maybe in ten years wait and see