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  1. Her 20th anniversary and an the tour coming soon with a single drop surprise
  2. It just did go downhill from there
  3. They already did shoot the BOMT sequel the past November
  4. Britney is a loner (my realisation)

    Besides Britney begin not a social person I think she is okay. The amount of grup of people she interacts and her family/boyfriend is enough for her. Maybe she is a loner because she likes it. because loner =/= lonely
  5. Britney is a loner (my realisation)

    Cool =/= have friends be a loner =/= have no friends
  6. She always does the exactly oposite she talks about
  7. New Britney Sweatshirt at Forever21 (21MEN)

    I don’t like that picture looks like a photo shoot that a 60 yo female celebrity would do
  8. https://instagram.com/p/Bd6XMxjFQcF/
  9. Britney's satin dress cost only $25

    Nahhh she is just cheap or just like to shop at target
  10. Britney's satin dress cost only $25

    That thing fits good on her body anyways maybe she likes to destroy dem during sex savage queen
  11. Britney's satin dress cost only $25

    Cheaper than my sister dresses
  12. What are we waiting for?

    I am waiting for Britney, bitch! to surprise us again i want something but idk what I want britney had not have a good lineup plan for her career these years and idk what she will bring next tbh I don’t know what to expect
  13. It's like two different people..

    At first she believed in what she was doing but now she doesn’t. She just keep doing it and trying her best
  14. DWAD vs The Onyx Hotel Tour (Dance Battle)

    If she performs work bitch again I hope she keeps the choreo or I am going to get pissed