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  1. Britney's music is better, and honestly, she doesn't seem angry anymore. She's a positive person. It would feel really inauthentic.
  2. Howie Mandel Shading Larry Rudolph in 1999

    He is being shady though. He's basically saying that Larry is nobody lol
  3. Howie Mandel Shading Larry Rudolph in 1999

    Youngney endured so many weird men like this, worldwide. It's a wonder she's not a lesbian. I suppose there's still time. Never too late!
  4. Was he on a lot of coke back then or something? Poor Youngney!
  5. 20 Years of ...Baby One More Time: Live at Paris Showcase 2000

    I used to laugh when at the end of "...Baby" she does that "1...2...3...4" in her lowest most manly voice.
  6. Britney in Steps music video!

    She said "I was like holy smokes" referring to the needle for the piercing. I think we really just need to ask Steps. Apparently Britney was friendly with H so he would definitely know, although he seems the type to say 'it was her' even if it wasn't just for attention/LOLS. They look....Just Like Me...Just Like Me....
  7. Britney in Steps music video!

    Steps are back and active and pretty successful currently in the UK. Inundate their twitter accounts with questions? I don't have social media. I still use the internet like its 2004.
  8. Britney in Steps music video!

    Someone needs to ask Steps.
  9. 20 Years of ...Baby One More Time: Live at Paris Showcase 2000

    The salsa dance IS random. It was fun though. They probably just wanted to make the song feel more exciting/upbeat live. I've always wondered about the ...Baby dance break--like who choreographed it? It looked quite different for Britney.
  10. 20 Years of ...Baby One More Time: Live at Paris Showcase 2000

    I think we went over in March not long before Oops premiered. I remember becoming obsessed with finding the "Born To Make You Happy" video and being so grateful when it was included on a McDonalds VHS tape around the release of Oops. Those were incredibly exciting times to be a Britney a fan. She was blossoming.
  11. 20 Years of ...Baby One More Time: Live at Paris Showcase 2000

    Are you located in France? Now that I think of it, I went to France with my 9th grade French class in spring 2000. I don't think Oops! had premiered on radio yet. I remember being so excited to find the "(You Drive Me)Crazy The Stop Remix" single while I was there since I could never find it in the states. I also remember buying some French magazines with Britney on the cover.
  12. Britney's dancing's fault

    I never felt their style was right for Britney.
  13. Britney in Steps music video!

    It just seems so odd that I have never heard Steps or Britney mention it. Someone on another forum mocked me when I said I thought it was her "it looks nothing like her" they wrote....but it really does? Like especially around Crazy/Born To Make You Happy era? I guess the only mystery is the belly ring. Do we know when precisely she got it? I remember her debuting it in early 2000.
  14. In honor of the approaching 20th anniversary of timeless classic "...Baby One More Time", I thought it would be fun to have a bit of a retrospective look back at some of the performances of the enduring hit. I noticed this particular performance from her Paris showcase was only on YouTube as a part of the full showcase so I uploaded for everyone's enjoyment. "...Baby One More Time" was a life-changing song for me. I was a late bloomer at 13, mostly still watching Nickelodeon and various children's programming. One weekend in early 1999 I decided to give MTV a try so I wouldn't feel so out of place when I went back to 8th grade on Monday. I saw Britney for my first time--the legendary video--and was instantly mesmerized. I found my muse. I was ready to become a full-fledged teenager with Britney beckoning me to the halls of impending high school. The particular performance I featured today comes from spring of 2000, when Britney had finished her Crazy 2k Tour and was doing some international promo before the full Oops! I Did It Again album launch. I think Britney was really hitting her stride as a performer around this time. Her confidence was enviable and she seemed to strike the perfect balance between live vocals (which sound quite good here as well) and movement, whereas a lot of earlier performances of '"...baby" were a bit more stiff if she was singing live. The version of "...baby" performed is the same as the Crazy 2k Tour mix, with a few fun pauses for drama thrown in, and a nice solo dance break, that is unfortunately spoiled a bit by gratuitous instrument shots in this instance.
  15. I've been wondering where this originated from since 2000. It's not from her Singapore Showcase . Does anybody here have the answer?