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  1. I honestly think that if I were shown those V mag photos without being told it was Britney, I’d have seriously no idea who that was. 



    The last she consistently looked like herself was BJ era. There have been moments here and there, but from weight loss, fun stuff, smoking, and aging - our girl legit doesn’t look like herself most of the time. V confusing. 

  2. 19 minutes ago, sea3chel said:

    Keep your words out of my mouth, please. That's not even the subtext, nice try. :nocomprende:

    What I would PREFER is truth and transparency. 

    Unfortunately, most if not all of Hollywood is deplorable.

    We are a culture of lemmings, obsessed with our jesters.


    Sis, please. 

    You literally posted a completely unrelated blind item gossip story about celebrity domestic abuse in a thread about new POM Tour dates, saying you would “prefer” an announcement like that (of Britney finally getting to call out an abuser) - and that it’s totally believable for you because of JT’s narcissism. 

    I don’t think you want Britney to have actually been abused, but in order for her to be this empowered whistle blower for you, it would recquire the gossip piece to be true and about her.

    We all want social justice, but I don’t see the relevancy in needing Britney’s involvement. Nor do I understand how you make the correlation to qualify a scenario where Britney gets to take down an abuser as being preferential to a tour announcement. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Paulino999 said:

     DO you guys  think that after the confirmation  that Pitbull  is supporting Britney on her tour...


    a new collab  is coming?  ( and not talking about hey mama ) 


    i think that will be great  tbh

    Probably not. I’d think Hey Ma was the collab and helped set these contracts in motion - obviously these things take a long time to plan. 

    And we all thought it logical that there’d be a Missy Elliott collab after the dance beak was added to POM 2.0, and that never happened. 

    It’s Team B - the dots are always random and never connected. 


  4. 2 hours ago, sea3chel said:

    I'd prefer this announcement:

    "This permanent A list singer is not being allowed to go public with her story about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her A list ex. She says at least once every couple of weeks he would hit her or grab her by her hair and throw her to the ground. He said she was ruining his career and taking all the attention. Several times throughout her career she has thought about calling him out for it. He threatened her once when she told him she was going to do it and the threat was scary enough that she backed off. She was going to have others do it for her but they were too scared she would not back them up when the time came. Now, she is ready, but her own people won't let her because they just want to let it go and not have a bunch of other dirty laundry come out that she would not be able to control. This is as close as they will let her speak for now." Britney Spears/Justin Timberlake

    Totes believable. A narcissist at his best.

    The fact she'd want to talk about, I dunno.. 

    Wow. You would PREFER this to be true and Britney-related, over her being successful and extending her tour?

    You would rather it be that Britney suffered domestic abuse and is continuing to be thwarted in standing up and speaking about it. Because that’s more exciting for you than POM tour selling more dates, and because you have actual reason to hate JT that much and believe him to be such a villain. 

    Gurl. Get your priorities straight. Not every blind item is about Britney, and why would you ever wish for something like that to be true for her. 

  5. 38 minutes ago, Hungry Hun said:

    Brian's mess started with him trying to leak personal footage from the HIAM rehearsal because Britney and the director chose the fight scene instead of the break. 

    He used to work for the X-Factor UK and on Britney's season on US. She never looked at his  face, theres not a single friendly interaction with him.

    And last but not least, he went to POM last year and was denied to see Britney.  From people that was there, Felicia didnt even seem to truly aknowledge his presence.

    Yikes. Are there receipts for any of this? 

  6. People learn how to use instruments on their own you know. You get comfortable with the instrument by playing around and realizing/memorizing what makes certain sounds, and picking up on how to recreate things by ear. My dad plays all sorts of stringed instruments - guitar, mandolin, etc. - and is entirely self-taught.


    I’m sure she (and possibly others) have given him guidance, in a way where it was encouraged to fiddle around with the piano. But I think she means he’s had no formal lessons - of meeting with a teacher weekly, doing scales, learning to read music, etc.


  7. I’m curious about the nostalgia factor some of y’all feel for BJ. Maybe the album came out during an important time in your life?

    My only memories of it are the disappointment of the horror show it turned out to be, and how I kept listening to songs just so that they’d become familiar enough for me to superficially like. The anticipation for the album was when I was lurking here the most before making an Exhale account, but when the 30 second iTunes snippets leaked, it was already really obvious how something didn’t feel right. 

    I honestly think of Work Bitch as a stand alone single. 

    And at this point, the only BJ songs I actively listen to are Work Bitch and the leaked Alien version (because the album one is horrid). I also do like Perfume (The Dreaming Mix), but that requires a more specific and less-frequent mood. 

  8. I just found it interesting how unimportant his catalogue of solo hits is. 

    Despite his fame and longevity, the only songs to really be a part of the zeitgeist are CMAR (tabloid drama), SexyBack (actually boundary-pushing music), and CSTF (obnoxious ear worm). Everything else are just quickly-forgotten radio hits from their respective time periods. 

    I think his performance was serviceable, but lacked any spectacle and proved he isn’t as powerful of a solo artist as it was formerly believed; there should have been a real guest. The dancing was the best part.

    I don’t want to get into a full review of the show or spiral into analysis of the shifting cultural tides he’s now facing with this overdue - but aggressive - comeuppance.

  9. Applause never amassed to anything more than being a lead single that reveived promo. 

    It had no impact. Work Bitch did & does.

    Work Bitch has legitimately become another of Britney’s “classic” and well-known songs. So that when people say “you bettah work bitch” or “you wanna Maserati.../you wanna [insert any noun, really]” they immediately think of Brit Brit as well.


  10. 4 hours ago, s0dap0p said:

    Maybe she’s reshooting the video backdrops and will be wearing costumes with Swarovski crystals on the videos? :ohcrap:

    Here for it.

    Although the only backdrop that currently includes video of Britney is the angel before Everytime (not counting the music video mashup interlude duringRadar/CYM), and then screens from IWG (which should stay scrapped). 

    I would be shocked if they’re creating new interludes just for the tour. But, you never know...

  11. I really don’t think BBMA 2016 had the impact you believe. 

    There are ton of contributing factors to POM tickets selling well, with the main one being that it’s BRITNEY effin SPEARS. She will always be a superstar and people are going to jump on the opportunity to be in the same room as her, especially if it’s on a tour & close to their homes. 

    But BBMA 2016 did not ignite some cultural shift in reembracing her, and was actually still highly criticized - just like VMA 2016 & NYE. It was just promo that was no better nor worse than ALL her other promo. The only difference is that it was the first thing she did during a year that was more promo-heavy than any other in a long time. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Hungry Hun said:

    Nah you didn't get it

    I'm not talking about directly what the OP is. When she posted about the secret project a random designer posted half a piece on twitter hinting he was producing for her, and so far it looked cheap as hell. Like worst than Flopco Flopco. And so I find the Swarovski story hard to be Britney if that guy was indeed working for her. Did you miss this tour?

    I already exposed that mess. That was just someone looking for attention. It has nothing to do with her professionally. The maxi dress had the same faces print as this Society6 t-shirt.



  13. 16 minutes ago, ralphynno said:

    In the end it really depend on what they're going to do with those crystals. Madonna wore amazing Swarovski costumes during RH and they looked iconic. However, I remember Michael Jackson's This is It designer (a who named Zaldy) who was obsessed with those crystals, and 99%+ of the outfits he created he used them, and it was pure gimmick.:imok:

    Zaldy did the Femme Fatale Tour costumes.