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  1. I did not know that the packaging & bottles for her scebts have changed so much over time.

    But btw for the OP: something to note is that the cost of materials & manufacturing will inflate over time - so with the perfume staying at a specific retail price, they have to adjust the materials used in things like packaging in order to maintain the designated cost margin in order to reach their own profit points. 

    So if something cost them $10 to make in 2005 that retailed for $55...ten years later the materials and manufacturing for that same design have increased to $15, but the retail price needs to remain $55 (or less - since her perfumes are now more of a discount fashion store item), which means that materials & manufacturing cost need to still be $10 (or less). So in order to hit those margins, details get removed - like a ribbon, pump, charms, etc. 

    I read something that said they stopped using crystals on the neck of the Fantasy bottle due to complaints of them falling off because the glue didn’t adhere well enough to the mystery metal of the bottle neck - something that only showed as a weak bonding over time/affected by being in warm temperatures. 

  2. 13 hours ago, BOBIBCFBG said:

    Does anyone know how much tickets to the DC/MD show were originally? There's someone trying to sell me tickets from Craigslist for a really great price and he's claiming they were $69 originally including fees but even that sounds wrong.

    Sis, don’t buy tickets from Craigslist. That’s, like, the easiest/most common scam ever!

    Friends got Demi Lovato tickets for Barclays in NYC off Craigslist, and didn’t realize they were fake until they wouldn’t scan at the door. 

    (But they did end up getting tickets from a scalper outside for a great deal - because people are really trying to unload right before show starts. Plus, they were able to arrange it with the guy that he’d get paid once one of them successfully got scanned through.)

  3. I only heard the 15 second snippet the first time I posted - where it sounds like Myah’s typical electro-pop-rock tracks, and there’s a higher pitch harmonizing along with the main vocal. 


    The other 30 second clip has me feeling confused...it does sound like Britney pronunciation/vibrato. But the vocal is also SO CLEAN & effortless and Britney’s voice/deeper register hasn’t sounded this clean since, like, Britney (possibly ITZ) era.


    The instrumental production sounds too dated to be anything new...like a FF demo latest, but mostly like the kind of electropop that was around during 2005-2008. But this doesn’t sound AT ALL like the rest of the music Britney herself was experimenting with 10-15 years ago. 


    (Although, Instant Dejavu sounds nothing like anything from ITZ era, nor does the voice really even sound like Britney style...and yet it’s real.)


    I don’t f**king know. But I look forward to the mystery getting solved.

  4. These are the titles I came up with for this topic thread last year:


    BOMT - Daisy (or Flower)

    Something cute, first album, virginal.


    OIDIA - Hollywood Heart

    Star in the biz, still romantic/teen pop.


    B - This Is Me

    Classic Britney identity, eclectic genres.


    ITZ - Shangri-La

    Heavenly sexuality, her fave album, emotional.


    B - 3 AM

    Club bangers, out all night, dark, sexy.


    C - Britney Spears

    Self titled for comeback era, strength in name.


    FF - Synthesize My Love (or Electric Love)

    EDM, robotic.


    BJ - Black Diamond

    Glitz with a darker side (since some of the songs are personal) but most is EDM trash, trying to give an elevated name to a crap album, inspired by the cover art.


    G - The Looking Glass

    Boudoir, sexy reflections, return to vocal form.