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  1. I voted #1 single, because I'd love for the general public to embrace Britney again. And this spot would probably be helped achieved by good promotion, no less. I would like her music to sell well and for respect to be returned to the Queen. I want people reaching out to me like "Oh my god, I LOVE Britney's new song! It's so good!" And for it to be the 'song of the summer.'


    Although, many of y'all make really good arguments for the 'iconic music video.'

  2. Three of my absolute favourites!!! Like, all within my top 10, listen to them all the time, truly stand-out tracks for me.

    Perfect Lover is pure seductive heaven.

    Mannequin is the "something more urban" of Circus album.

    Get Naked is flawless sex.








    And then there's Brave New Girl... It's catchy, but ultimately crap. Sounds like something from an early 2000s teen movie soundtrack...but like a song that is on the CD but isn't actually in the movie. Does not fit ITZ at all.

  3. I'm thankful that like half the comments in here are of people with proper reading comprehension who understand that he's being a realist and not talking negatively about anyone/anything except the media. 

    Neither Britney nor Toxic received any credibility beyond commercial success during that time - there was definitely no interpretation that included artistic integrity, especially not for the music video direction of Joseph Kahn. He knows that, and is literally talking about how, over a decade later, people and the media have reassessed their opinion of both Britney's and his work to coincide with the power of its influence on pop culture. At the time, they were just considered pop; now they're considered pop art.