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  1. Guess Britney's next collab

    I would love for her to collab with Aqua, or Iggy (again), maybe one of the Hanson brothers or the little girl who sang that Friday song? Kidding. No more collabs please.
  2. Sam is film and driving

    He does it all the time. Not surprised tbh. It's a douchebag maneuver and he looks like he is one, so the crime fits
  3. It changes from time to time. Except for Britney. Currently: 1) Britney 2) Rihanna 3) Taylor honourable mentions: Ariana and Selena
  4. What are your favorite Britney lyrics?

    “Baby cause you’re the spark that won’t go out, my heart’s on fire when you’re around” Still listen to this song daily and it never fails to give me goosebumps. I always found it to be such a sad line in a song about fucking.
  5. His singing was better than the MM official video