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  1. What did you think of the 55 hour marriage?

    It was her biggest scrapped project yet
  2. Why doesn't her hair curl up anymore?

    Her curly hair got scrapped. It just wasn’t working.
  3. Songs Like Work Bitch?

    Agreed! On my workout playlist I put Work Bitch and this song back to back! Gets me going!
  4. Favorite Slutney pictures?

    My display pic
  5. Make Me original hands down. I pray to the high heavens that it gets leaked somehow before the day I croak
  6. And cool, urban and faded
  7. https://youtu.be/Xw_A0CAIxcE
  8. Make Me video, her “fun stuff”, her childish expressions while dancing (especially during sexy songs), her wide-eyed surprised face over nothing, BJ, that trashy video she made with Kevin for an awards show (can’t remember what it was for or what it was called exactly). There’s a lot actually Still love the bitch though