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  1. Create it sis. Exhell would eat it up
  2. Sharkney

    other What is Britney's most iconic line?

    Work Bitch deserves to be in the list of iconic phrases. It isn’t her most popular but it deserves some recognition too!
  3. It’s resting in peace with the scrapped scences from Make Me, Work Bitch, Perfume, etc
  4. Sharkney

    music Is this the perfect recipe for B10?

    They neglected to mention the main ingredient... Myah Marie
  5. Sharkney

    other This was a LOOK

    That’s what Larry said
  6. Sharkney

    What's the last Britney song you listened to?

    Make Me. It’s always Make Me
  7. I'ma keep it simple, real simple....NO SCRAPPING