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  1. She's in mourning over the scrapped Make Me video. It's the one year anniversary after all
  2. She also said that Glory was like her baby, but she let that die. Would britney ever let one of her babies die?
  3. This should be part of the official Britney merchandise tbqfh On tshirts, coffee mugs, hell they should even make Britney's next perfume named after this. The "it just didn't work" perfume - fantasy radar edition. I can picture it now. Perfume description: made with the tears of loyal stans with hints of scrapping
  4. I agree! Britney can't even make a Britmas happen We have to rely on others now
  5. I choose Rihanna. She has been around for a very long time and she's still relevant. She also consistently delivers. Anything she touches pretty much turns to gold or into a hit. I also love how she's not fake whatsoever unlike some others on this list. I love her unapologetic and doesn't give a f**k attitude while still coming across as genuine and sweet Slay riri Ps. I love how Kathy Perri wasn't even mentioned. Slay OP
  6. I put yes because I love to dream
  7. It works when it shouldn't, and it doesn't work when it should. Larry's logic
  8. I don't care if it were Jesus Christ himself on the track... anything but rapping about vegetables
  9. If they removed Sabi's verse or at least censored the vegetables line as though it was swear words, then I would have been very happy with that choice rather than Criminal
  10. Featuring Sam
  11. She also said that Glory is her baby