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  1. Use this gif for when Million Reasons tumbles from the #1 spot on iTunes! :quirkney:


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    2. PieceofBritney


      that creepy jump and Million reasons performance were only parts I liked about this. I feel like she can't just switch personalities and Gaga persona is long gone. Joanne is her true form now. 

    3. SlayOut


      OK WAIT this is the final edit of this gif! :orangu: #HatFlew


      You might have to wait a few weeks to use this since all ha songs and albums are saying iTunes rn! :quirkney:

    4. BreatheOnMoi


      Lmfaooooo that's so goooooooood!!! I'm so fucking pissed at how long I do have to wait to use it :orangu: Katy is releasing this Friday so not too far off, it'll be fun to fan the fire between the fanbases with this gif not gonna lie :orangu: