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  1. 38 minutes ago, Spearsfan said:

    I'm turning 26 and I was born in 1991 so she must be turning 28. Lol

    I literally feel like she took the diary of a 12 year old and is just singing what it says. 

    I turned 26 this year myself lol she always gave me second hand cringe. I just can never understand how people from our age group listens to her and actually praises herrrrrrrr :outwithit:

  2. 18 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    I actually haven’t heard the album yet. She’s honestly not my cup of tea apart from a few singles, so I probably won’t bother... but from what I’ve heard (What About Us, Revenge) it doesn’t sound like my style nor do I think I’ll end up enjoying it since her albums are pretty sonically cohesive. It’s not like Britney where the lead single isn’t necessarily indicative of the entire album’s sound except the two fetus albums and Femme Fatale. :verycool:

    It’s trash to me lol her and Demi, I have no idea what they were thinking. Just total meh albums. :nicki2:

  3. 3 minutes ago, Pinky98 said:

    I don’t think numbers are relevant. I like looking at britneys numbers to see how well she’s doing among the GP and stuff, but I don’t like putting her against her peers. Plus we all know Pink and Britney respect each other and if they met at a party or whatever, they would probably end up talking. 

    Let’s stop all this 

    Sometimes I just like to relate the idea that “promo promo promo” =/= success. If the music is crap, the music is crap. 

    It’s good on her that she did the same tour bundle trick that Katy did tho :mhm:


  4. 6 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    She’s predicted for 350k pure alone (with a tour bundle) and 380k SPS, she has a #1 locked in.

    So no, unfortunately Britney will not be outselling any of her peers. :giggleney:

    Ok maybe not p!nk then lol that’s why I said idk her predicted sales. And what about Glory being more acclaimed on metacritic tho. 

    But she did outsell Demi and Miley. I called them pop girlies, not her peers.


  5. While P!nk just released her new album and it’s already getting low 60’s. (Scores typically keep going lower, early scores always start off strong).

    I don’t even know what the predictions are for her first week sales.

    In perspective with all the other albums released  from the pop girlies so far, it seems that Britney even outsold them already as well. 

    In conclusion:

    Britney Spears won, and we love a winner