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  1. This is lowkey Bieber’s first “flop” in a while
  2. She will slay as usual. She never does wrong
  3. While P!nk just released her new album and it’s already getting low 60’s. (Scores typically keep going lower, early scores always start off strong). I don’t even know what the predictions are for her first week sales. In perspective with all the other albums released from the pop girlies so far, it seems that Britney even outsold them already as well. In conclusion: Britney Spears won, and we love a winner
  4. It’s trash to me lol her and Demi, I have no idea what they were thinking. Just total meh albums.
  5. Do you like the album? I know posting receipts is “your thing” but how do you feel about the album?
  6. Sometimes I just like to relate the idea that “promo promo promo” =/= success. If the music is crap, the music is crap. It’s good on her that she did the same tour bundle trick that Katy did tho
  7. Ok maybe not p!nk then lol that’s why I said idk her predicted sales. And what about Glory being more acclaimed on metacritic tho. But she did outsell Demi and Miley. I called them pop girlies, not her peers.
  8. I’m fucking DEAD at the replies in this thread @breatheheavy that backlash omggg
  9. Cute idea lol random as hell, hoping they get creative and make something like a Cheetos flavored ramen noodle bowl served with iced coffee or something
  10. Last Time I Saw Danceney

    Danceney was pretty on point for Toxic at the BBMAs 2016 IMO

    Oh honey yas when she swung her weave at the end of MATM, I got a little heart palpitation