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  1. Pink Comments on Britney

    it’s jsut super underwhelming honestly, if you don’t like What About Us, then you probably won’t care for the rest. That’s like the “best” song on there to me. Idk.
  2. Pink Comments on Britney

    Ok I won’t talk sh!t about her crappy album anymore now
  3. At least her show seems to have sold well unlike what everyone says I guess
  4. Can someone put her on a red carpet already? Jesus
  5. Well yeah duh, don’t you see my avi is her and I post about her every day? I stan her hard as hell
  6. I turned 26 this year myself lol she always gave me second hand cringe. I just can never understand how people from our age group listens to her and actually praises herrrrrrrr
  7. Omg really?? My goodness. She does whatever she can to hold on to those little kids that are obsessed with her I can’t deal
  8. This girl is talking about her older boyfriend having fun in a club? Like bitch aren’t you 26? Jesus. this sucks, literally trying to use urban beats out of nowhere
  9. Where are her Grammys for this?
  10. Taylor Swift Previews New Song “Gorgeous”: Listen

    Her first two singles didn’t slay tho.
  11. This is lowkey Bieber’s first “flop” in a while
  12. She will slay as usual. She never does wrong