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  1. Rare BOMT Album photos

    your point? this two shots are different. The one you posted first has been on the internet forever. And the last one is leaked a year ago. it even has a clear version: this is a european cover for bomt single.
  2. Rare BOMT Album photos

    umm...these are not rare. It's been on internet since forever.
  3. well, we know somene obsessed with her and working for fox news.
  4. Britney looks the same as 1999

  5. that's around for 2 decades sis.
  6. jeez...the amount of energy over her concerts. esspecially asia.
  7. How to get on stage for Freakshow?

    She's already picking stans .But she only wanna spank good looking guys. and also I marked the relevant part .just hit play
  8. no they have seperated because it was like a legally blonde aka elle and warner's break up:
  9. umm...hello... these are her peak beauty.
  10. she's glad those years are over. bitch we would give our things to turn back to her. and btw she lowkey tried to say she's in the past.
  11. whatever you guys say I dislike some of his work. I don't like toxic choreography which is only watchable because of Britney's energy. and I don't like hold it against me it's too aggressive. There's a fine line between being too agressive and actually looking aestetic , hiam choreo did not have this element. I'm here for slave and overprotected and all the work he done for her this era.but other than that. He has flaws on his choreography.