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  1. why ? I find it very cool.
  2. I edit the relavent part: so was that thing was spontenous or they're imitating an old movie or something. ? Somebody enlighten me.
  3. it from here i guess:
  4. Of course it’s % 80 to laugh . I’ve made it with a phone app
  5. What y’all think? Is she good lookin with primeney face or the photoshoot is utter bs?
  6. Yeah it took 10 minıtes to edit and upload it. Maybe you should keatn how to minimize your time with technology , nobody using old school computer way to make these edits. Which year are you on 2005 ?
  7. 1999 2008 2015 gorgeous queen to be honest.
  8. well that thread is in the hell of exhale. No need to bump it.
  9. that was great to listen. Interesting even . Hmm let me write what left on me after listening this podcast. 2007 is a mysterious time in her life. Also as fans we're speculating what really happened to Britney. As we all know the timeline something went definitelly wrong in 2007 but the media was so extra on her during the time. They were either call her a bad mother or announcing her daily night out videos as " erratic behaviour" . I assume after the conservatorship Britney tried to hold on the old formula and thought it was gonna end soon. They made her became a practical slave to the music company. Because her name got bigger than her . I look at the music industry as the old and maybe ancient view on prostitutes.Once you get in , once you made money for the money makers , you can't get out. And I don't think there was anything wrong with her till I saw her shaving her head and hold Jayden at her bathroom with a still unknown material found in her stomache. When the topic was so heated up , she choose to play the old squeaky clean Britney once again. I mean , at this point we can't know many things about her downfall because she refuses to talk about it. Because her team is very strict about what fans , interviewers or show hosts can ask to her. She's never alone. Even her phone is being tracked by her team . As I remember from the for the record Larry and her security team won't let anybody get near to her without asking their promision. So...yeah...Speculating is all we can do. But her family plays big role on her downfall. Her mother's book agreement , hr going on television shows while she needed to be with Britney , making Jamie Britney's legal conservator - a past alcohol addict himself - and instead of Lynne Spears, her family to call dr. phil when he has nothing to do with Britney while she's already on a legal hospital. Her life is full of mysteries .And I don't think we'll get answeres any time near soon. As a fan I'm glad she did not passed away in 2007 because we were all concerned about that. So thanx for posting it was interesting to hear the old fact again but with a professional view.
  10. I'm just putting this here...

    let me hear your comments about " the news"
  11. I have 500 people on my instagram and 500 people on facebook alone.But I never talk to one of them. It's just weird to post sh!t i like cause I don't even remember why I added them in the begining.
  12. Ok , I assume most of you use facebook and aware it has a notification called facebook history.It shows you comments ,pictures and other posts. I swear to God whenever I click on that I feel like " Oh my gosh...I'm retarded. What kind of an idiot i was to post this sh!t on public." And I remember feeling sad because nobody liked my pictures. I take a look at it and say to myself " I'm lucky nobody comment and embarassed me " Because I literally went on a deleting spree , whenever that notification pops up I'm deleting my old sh*t so nobody can see it and it rots in hell of facebook.I mean how much blunt I could get? I mean is this gonna go like this. In every 10 years I will say "Jesus riccus , wtf .How can you even post this sh*t .Are you that dumb? " and go on a new deleting spree. Did you guys ever have a memory like this? ps: Oh I didn't realize and post this on bsn. Sorry
  13. nothing iconic after 2007 came out. Let's be real. She's still try to recover whatever sh!t she left in 2007. Everything she either therapeutic or fitness like. She's not at the level to push herself. Her prime was something extra ordinary. She leveled up on each era. She gave something on point up to the bar every damn year. But graphic started to decrease day by day after piece of me. Let's hope she doesn't push herself when she's not ready. If she pushes herself when everything is on point the magic happens. but I have to mention her apple music special was iconic , bbma medley was good too.
  14. my aim was to search if her face makes the photoshoot irritating or the photoshoot itself. But I made myself laugh at the outcomes too.
  15. i was trying to harmonize her old beauitful face with well " the " femme fatale shoot. And some of them looked like the pictures where they put her face on a girl tied down on a table or tied down on a chair. idk some of them look weird. But my point was to prove if the photoshoot itself is bad or the face makes a lot of difference.
  16. some of them look like those fake porn collages they make .
  17. I'm glad Britney's team was quick enough to record the song. Can you imagine Baby One More Time not belong to Britney and to somebody else?
  18. geez louise...That era was fresh as the spring air.
  19. there's a tabloid article that anna vintour doesn't want Britney on cover or near vogue old witch...
  20. Randee reuses the FF photoshoot set

    i doN't like this shoot.
  21. that was so iconic. I looked at it since you posted the thread. She looks amazing , fit , energetic , so interreactive with fans , and btw I just realized sam smith was watching her during stronger. + this iconic behind the scene thingy:
  22. Net neutrality

    what is net neutrality ? Man I searched and try to understand what the hell is it but nobody can tell it simply. So does American internet companies gonna cost higher than the actual price. And with the new law , that became reality? So basically poor people won't able to get into internet anymore?