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  1. I bet the guy on twitter that started the rumor is laughing so hard right now.
  2. the album or just a song? I heard the new one and liked it!
  3. but besides Britney do we know of anyone else actually releasing new music this Friday? I need a new jam.
  4. I literally only came here to read all the comments of everyone being pissed off.
  5. I am hoping for a teaser because at least they know the fans are dying for something new. maybe give us a teaser in the middle of the week and then a date at the end of the week.
  6. not exactly expecting this date.... but I do believe that she will have a new song out and promo for the summer tour soon. we just need to keep waitin.
  7. goldenboi92

    socialney Paris Hilton (And Rapper Lil Xan) Stan Britney

    i agree with everything except the Lindsay part. she has really gotten her life together now is doing pretty big things outside of Hollywood. but I never understand why Britney never acknowledges paris back...
  8. goldenboi92

    other Britney Featuring Panic! At The Disco?

    this wouldn't even sound good. now if they did a collab with avril I would be down!
  9. I can not even get hype for stuff like this anymore. I ignore all the rumors until she or her team say it.
  10. does that mean we can not include the NYE performances? I guess I liked the make me promo in the UK or the Asian tour (technically called something different than POM)