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  1. Will Britney age decently like...

    Britney at the 2015 and 16 VMAs looked so good..like HERSELF and then the M+G she's sooooo fkn bad...like hair, makeup, outfits...she's not the glam squad type but honestly given how iconic she is, she should invest in some personal care for her aesthetic and present a clearer, image... If she stops messing w/ her face, stops smoking and practices a healthy skincare routine she'll age fine. Many older white women (julia louis-dreyfus, julianne moore, michelle pfeiffer etc. look REALLY good with age and it's not like women just stop being beautiful after 35.) I hope she just takes care of herself, but I think a lot of her issues are understated and the c-ship is still a mystery (tht Jon Ross interview tht was edited had her speaking abt how it sucks, if I recall). I miss tht raw, personality she had...you can tell she has anixety but it's obviously not her fault