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  1. Since the beginning Britney was delivering shocking moments, after all her idol is Madonna.

    Britney admitted in her Diane Sawyer interview about intentionally shocking but wouldn't go as far as Madonna's sex book.

    Post everything that was shocking Britney either, wore, performances, romances, so on and so fourth.

    Celebrate the queen of shock.

    This wedding was a shock.


  2. 5 minutes ago, britisthecolor said:

    it is true that a performer can't sound good in every single performance, but are we really going to take that interview seriously?she said that she always sang live and she was going to sing live at her vegas shows.and then she said those things to make her lies sound more believable.

    your opinion about someone's opinion is invalid.


    do ı see a cat in the video?

    I was more so pointing out the fact that with every artist not all performances will sound or be amazing.

    Christina has had some great vocal performance so has Mariah and they've been flopping on stage.

    Beyonce took a nose dive on stage and have been caught lippin.

    This happens to everyone, even Icon Garth Brooks who had to lip at the awards his voice was shot.

  3. Britney looks fantastic in this video, I'm happy just to see her singing more, let's be clear Britney herself mentioned her vocals don't always sound good.

    On performing Brit also mentioned not every performance is going to be great, and in most cases this is true for all artists.


  4. There was a time us fans went into a frenzy when Billboard discredited S N M as a #1 for Britney. It looks as though Billboard is now once again including the Rihanna track as a #1 for Spears.

    Stats below:

    Britney Spears

    Chart History

    Ranked by performance on chart

    5 No. 1 Hits 13 Top 10 Hits 35 Songs

    ...Baby One More Time
    Britney Spears
    Peaked at #1 on 1.30.1999
    Rihanna Featuring Britney Spears
    Peaked at #1 on 4.30.2011
    Britney Spears
    Peaked at #1 on 10.25.2008
    Britney Spears
    Peaked at #1 on 10.24.2009
    Hold It Against Me
    Britney Spears
    Peaked at #1 on 1.29.2011
    Brit's longtime rival Christina Aguilera not too far behind Brit.

    Christina Aguilera

    Chart History

    Hot 100

    Ranked by performance on chart

    5 No. 1 Hits 11 Top 10 Hits 30 Songs

    Moves Like Jagger
    Maroon 5 Featuring Christina Aguilera
    Peaked at #1 on 9.10.2011
    Genie In A Bottle
    Christina Aguilera
    Peaked at #1 on 7.31.1999
    What A Girl Wants
    Christina Aguilera
    Peaked at #1 on 1.15.2000
    Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)
    Christina Aguilera
    Peaked at #1 on 10.14.2000
    Lady Marmalade
    Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya & P!nk
    Peaked at #1 on 6.2.2001




  5. Chris Brown released an album with 40+ tracks, should Britney follow suit?

    Has there been a woman to release a new album with that many songs? Not including greatest hits or box sets of old songs?

    Some are saying Chris is giving you a bang for your buck in a struggling sales music climate will more follow that or will Britney continue to release 12 track albums or albums with 10 songs?


    What's better? Britney having less songs and them all being strong or an album with a ton of songs?

    Image result for britney spears money gifs

    in Britney's case we need an unauthorized Britney album release like they did with Christina in the past.

    Image result for britney spears album gifsRelated imagetumblr_o2aol4Sz8D1uzjwm6o2_250.giftumblr_o2aol4Sz8D1uzjwm6o9_250.gif

    What will she release next music wise?

    gif gifs britney spears britney albums femme fatale blackout circus in the zone oops I did it again britney spears gif baby one more time Britney Spears Gifs britney spears edit britney jean britney spears fan made britney abums britney spears album britney spears albums

  6. 1 minute ago, AndrejBLV said:

    Well c-ship is obviously still there for a reason.

    I know one person who has a bipolar disorder, and she is not under c-ship. And she really struggles with taking her medications properly. For example when she stops to take medications on her own, because she feels good, very soon she gets depressed. Then the family have to react to help her, the only way is to call police and then she has to go to psychiatric institution for a while, until she gets better. This happens often, maybe once or sometimes more often in a year.

    Maybe this could be the same situation with Brit. So they keep her in c-ship so she can maintain healthy and quality life.


    Yeah because the reason they said she couldn't take care of herself or handle her personal affairs is to keep her locked down under control so she stays on the straight and narrow.

    In many ways shes a money train to them all and they don't want that to stop.


  7. I know many folks like to blame Britney's dad for the C-Ship and drag him for getting a salary for taking care of Britney is daughter.

    It's no secret Jamie's alcohol abuse has been made known, and her got sober and it looked like Britney was starting to lover her cocktails and partying.


    This is Hollywood in terms of young stars having to grow up faster and began to be in situations with other people be it alcohol, drugs, sex this is what happens.

    Britney being so ICONIC of course this conservator-ship would be the only one of it's celebrity time.

    Congrats to the 10 year anniversary to blackout but we're also upon the 10 year mark of this Conservator-ship.


    Where Britney was in 2007/2008 was a dangerous path, with all the breakdowns, the crying, the tantrums, the late night paparazzi runs, sleeping with many men, away from her kids a lot the alleged drugs, alcohol, late night partying a lot, career beginning to hit the skids after the VMA bomb, her erratic behavior.


    Had Lynne and Jamie Spears not stepped in we would probably have no:

    Circus Album

    Femme Fatale Album

    Britney Jean Album

    Glory Album

    FF Tour

    Vegas Residency

    Circus Tour

    I get most aren't happy with post 07ney but we do have many great moments from Britney post 2008.


    Although it will never be everything that we her fans want it's thanks to Jamie for stepping in and taking control to get Britney healthier, back to making music, videos, T.V. appearances in Glee, Jane the Virgin, multiple award wins, gained more respect for being strong and resilience through and to get her career back.

    The C Ship is never ending can you deal?


    Britney now on the straight and narrow and regardless of what she does I don't think most will every be happy.

    Many are blinded by a bad time in her life in terms of if Britney never had a breakdown and was performing the why she does I think most would be saying she slayed.

    10 years an entire decade has passed what's next for Britney?


  8. 8 hours ago, Dune said:


    Classic, living meme legend 

    But I enjoy watching Circus Tour even if it's not perfect, I can see Blackoutney here

    For me it was the lacking choreography that I didn't care for, the setlist was fine I hated the MATM remix.


    I'm happy Britney reverted back to the original MATM without Madonna and a little bit of the original choreography.


  9. 1 hour ago, nwonder said:

    I was never really a fan of of the music either. And I don't really think Britney was either :truthtea:


    Inside out is a solid bop though. 

    Inside Out would've been an amazing single and video compared to the bitches that voted for Criminal which was the only single off that album to tank.






  11. 3 minutes ago, Dollanganger said:

    I can appreciate her new found confidence, happiness with her personal life, children etc but her career choices keep transitioning her into a nostalgia act.

    Britney shouldn't be focusing on her peak years to sell a product. She isn't Cher or Bette Midler who are winding down and will bring new tracks to their shows for their GP/die-hard fans. Britney is in shape, she's shown a investment in songwriting, being hands on as she was during the Glory sessions and her performance ability has improved (2015-mid 2016) shows she's got it yet her team rather bank on her previous accomplishments rather than see what mature and now Britney has to offer the world. She's clearly still got a lot to give to fans, the world, and music in general but it's a matter of what and the better question when.

    She does not need another residency. Let it be a one-time thing in her career unless later in life she wishes to wind down in Vegas. She could take a dab once again at acting and improve by studying different acting techniques even though she's very critical. Her comedic timing could be amazing especially with her expressions.

    She could release a record, film a few videos, have a few big award show performances and tour or even do something like Madonna did in the 90's, release records, movie or other project in between and tour supporting two albums if she doesn't like being on the road as much. 

    I feel Britney could bring so much more to pop music world because she just had this special IT factor to her other stars can not replicate no matter how many scandals or performances they do trying to come near, she and her team really hinder her artistic capabilities by scrapping videos, giving no exposure to a record some felt was some o fher best music in years over a sure fire money grab on her "prime years" when she's still fully capable of so much more.

    I'd love to see her do more acting as well, where shes not playing herself.

    I thought she was great on Will and Grace.

    I think Britney will churn out more and more and I agree no more residencies.

  12. 1 minute ago, McDonaldsFries said:

    I agree with all of this, Britney may not have had her best moments with the Circus Tour or Femme Fatale Tour, but she did have the awaited renaissance that every fan and everyone else who was rooting for her in 2017. It began when she started showing more agility and energy in August 2015 during her POM shows. She then started to feel sexy again as she got her 2004 body back and started flaunting it all over social media. She regained her sexual confidence and overall confidence. She started being her old goofy self again and she started being more in charge. She then revamped POM, only to show better choreo (work bitch, slave, etc), added dance breaks (womanizer) and started performing internationally. She was a big part of the production of Glory and the album was well received by critics and fans and was doing well around the world. She did a good promo tour for glory and was performing in so many shows and award shows (I think the last time she did that much press for an album was for 'Britney" if Im not mistaken). She started caring about her career again. She regained the spark to want to tour again. I know a lot of us have said "the old Britney is back" at the beginning of every era since In the Zone, but the old Britney came back in 2017. she then sang live and spoke about the media in an honest way, and made international headlines. I dont get why people here give her so much crap. I feel that all of these amazing things Britney has been showing us lately are just a small glimpse of upcoming events. I am really excited for her next era. 

    I agree shes so hot right now, in shape and the only thing holding her back is the C Ship. Britney is coming more and more alive each year and I wouldn't be surprised if she has more shocks in store for us. Who would've thought her voice was still great until this year when she belted live? The people saying I'm trying to drag the FF or Circus tour to make POM seem better have their blinders on. Britney has improved and at this time shes the best shes been post 2007.

    Her voice still sounds great, shes still relevant whereas most her counterparts have faded. Britney is trying to do more and has been doing more promotion wise and even reminded us many times how much shes improved.

    Britney is dedicated to her workouts, I haven't seen her this gym motivated since 2001-03