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  1. 8 hours ago, Dune said:


    Classic, living meme legend 

    But I enjoy watching Circus Tour even if it's not perfect, I can see Blackoutney here

    For me it was the lacking choreography that I didn't care for, the setlist was fine I hated the MATM remix.


    I'm happy Britney reverted back to the original MATM without Madonna and a little bit of the original choreography.


  2. 1 hour ago, nwonder said:

    I was never really a fan of of the music either. And I don't really think Britney was either :truthtea:


    Inside out is a solid bop though. 

    Inside Out would've been an amazing single and video compared to the bitches that voted for Criminal which was the only single off that album to tank.






  4. 3 minutes ago, Dollanganger said:

    I can appreciate her new found confidence, happiness with her personal life, children etc but her career choices keep transitioning her into a nostalgia act.

    Britney shouldn't be focusing on her peak years to sell a product. She isn't Cher or Bette Midler who are winding down and will bring new tracks to their shows for their GP/die-hard fans. Britney is in shape, she's shown a investment in songwriting, being hands on as she was during the Glory sessions and her performance ability has improved (2015-mid 2016) shows she's got it yet her team rather bank on her previous accomplishments rather than see what mature and now Britney has to offer the world. She's clearly still got a lot to give to fans, the world, and music in general but it's a matter of what and the better question when.

    She does not need another residency. Let it be a one-time thing in her career unless later in life she wishes to wind down in Vegas. She could take a dab once again at acting and improve by studying different acting techniques even though she's very critical. Her comedic timing could be amazing especially with her expressions.

    She could release a record, film a few videos, have a few big award show performances and tour or even do something like Madonna did in the 90's, release records, movie or other project in between and tour supporting two albums if she doesn't like being on the road as much. 

    I feel Britney could bring so much more to pop music world because she just had this special IT factor to her other stars can not replicate no matter how many scandals or performances they do trying to come near, she and her team really hinder her artistic capabilities by scrapping videos, giving no exposure to a record some felt was some o fher best music in years over a sure fire money grab on her "prime years" when she's still fully capable of so much more.

    I'd love to see her do more acting as well, where shes not playing herself.

    I thought she was great on Will and Grace.

    I think Britney will churn out more and more and I agree no more residencies.

  5. 1 minute ago, McDonaldsFries said:

    I agree with all of this, Britney may not have had her best moments with the Circus Tour or Femme Fatale Tour, but she did have the awaited renaissance that every fan and everyone else who was rooting for her in 2017. It began when she started showing more agility and energy in August 2015 during her POM shows. She then started to feel sexy again as she got her 2004 body back and started flaunting it all over social media. She regained her sexual confidence and overall confidence. She started being her old goofy self again and she started being more in charge. She then revamped POM, only to show better choreo (work bitch, slave, etc), added dance breaks (womanizer) and started performing internationally. She was a big part of the production of Glory and the album was well received by critics and fans and was doing well around the world. She did a good promo tour for glory and was performing in so many shows and award shows (I think the last time she did that much press for an album was for 'Britney" if Im not mistaken). She started caring about her career again. She regained the spark to want to tour again. I know a lot of us have said "the old Britney is back" at the beginning of every era since In the Zone, but the old Britney came back in 2017. she then sang live and spoke about the media in an honest way, and made international headlines. I dont get why people here give her so much crap. I feel that all of these amazing things Britney has been showing us lately are just a small glimpse of upcoming events. I am really excited for her next era. 

    I agree shes so hot right now, in shape and the only thing holding her back is the C Ship. Britney is coming more and more alive each year and I wouldn't be surprised if she has more shocks in store for us. Who would've thought her voice was still great until this year when she belted live? The people saying I'm trying to drag the FF or Circus tour to make POM seem better have their blinders on. Britney has improved and at this time shes the best shes been post 2007.

    Her voice still sounds great, shes still relevant whereas most her counterparts have faded. Britney is trying to do more and has been doing more promotion wise and even reminded us many times how much shes improved.

    Britney is dedicated to her workouts, I haven't seen her this gym motivated since 2001-03

  6. Just now, BoyToySoldier said:

    I mean that obviously explains it, but at that time of release, I didn't know that. So listening to the album for the first time really disappointed me because I had such high hopes for the whole "personal pop" thing but it just ended up being a dud. It was the first album that I didn't enjoy listening to all the way through.

    I actually like several songs on BJ, what ruined it for me were the Myah vocals, production, Anthony Preston, Will I Am and how once he got on board he took over in a bad way.

    There's always a song or two I don't care for and skip on each album.

    1st album I skip The beat goes on

    2nd album I skip Dear Diary

    3rd album I skip Let me be

    4th album I skip Brave new girl

    5th album I skip Heaven on earth

    6th album I skip Mmm Papi

    7th album I skip trouble for me, how i roll

    8th album I skip It should be easy, chillin wit chu

    9th album I skip Coupure Électrique

  7. 1 minute ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    Funny, because that was me with Britney Jean. Femme Fatale I took as her party child, just fun and sassy. With Britney Jean, it really didn't feel like a Britney Spears album to me. I was literally like :calculating: the first listen through.

    That's cause the album turned into a mix of Myah and Will.

    Britney was the prop.

  8. 7 minutes ago, lustwecantcontrol said:

    The tour was a disaster honestly! The album while decent hasn't aged well because it was too generic and hit centric, I do still listen to a few of the tracks semi regularly though! 

    Yeah the album had some good songs i love HIAM, TTWE, Inside Out, a a couple others.

    Not a big fan of HIR, TFM, BFB and some others.

  9. The album was great but the Femme Fatale tour was tragic, I was watching some full shows of it last night and this evening and she was super stiff, uncomfortable and the costumes were a mess. Great song list for the show and the routines we're basic.

    Vegas Piece Of Me snatched both Circus tour and Femme Fatale Tours.

    Evidence below:

    Femme Fatale Tour:



    Circus Tour (A lot of gum chewing and lipping on this tour.






    Britney went from using fake spray on Ab's to now looking her hottest since 2002-2003


    Britney literally gave the world "Something to talk about" when she sang live 100 percent and sounded GREAT.

    Britney is doing things now that she hasn't done since her early days.

    Why be so upset at what shes delivering now when it's slaying several previous era's.

    Glory slays both the Circus and Femme Fatale albums.

    The choreography has gotten better, she's in AMAZING shape, in love with Sam, has her sons, career and continues to work.


  10. Just now, MC The Songbird Supreme said:

    Its not one sided. Mariah was asked a question in the Charmbracelet era and she simply does not know J.Lo. She knew Beyonce because they both met and had a conversation. Mariah only responds to the situation when she's asked about it.

    Lets talk about how J.Lo wanted Wendy Williams to shade Mariah on commercial break! But Mariah is the "petty" one. Mariah is the "angry black woman" in this situation. 

    Since we're talking about careers now, Jlos performing skills wont matter in the future. Mariah will always have a more legendary iconic career than J.Lo and thats the hardcore truth and I know its a hard pill for you J.Lo fans to swallow. You can stan J.Lo but to say Mariah has been petty in this situation is biased as f**k when J.Lo has been stealing from Mariah and other black artists like Usher, Ashanti, Kiera, etc for almost 2 decades. 

    I'm not denying Mariah's past career, I'm discussing the struggle now.

    She's constantly drinking in her interviews and appearing to be buzzed or drunk.

    Clearly Wendy threw her usual shade off camera against Mariah, and Jennifer only wanted Wendy to finally show ha balls and say what she said.

    Stealing, isn't Mariah notorious for copying do we need to bring that tea?

    Mariah is jealous over the up and coming vocalists and shades Christina, Ari, and more cause they get compared to what Mariah's vocals use to be.

    Keep note Rihanna is coming for Mariah's #1's record and Rihanna currently has 14 and Mariah has 18.

    Bottom line is you can toss Jessica Simpson on stage next to Mariah and Jess would leave her in the dust.

  11. Just now, MC The Songbird Supreme said:

    Okay hold the FÜCK UP! J.Lo has been pressed about Mariah all these years. You clearly dont know the damn story behind the feud. Mariah isn't bothered by this cüm guzzling hoe. 

    Educate yourself

    Now sit your 5 dollar ass down and stop talking sh!t you don't know about hoe!

    If you're going to come at me you gotta come harder chile.

    I know the alleged backstory, J.Lo never cared about Mariah it was Mariah pressed that J.Lo was working with her ex husband.

    They launched Jennifer's career with the help of Puffy and the rest was history for Jen.

    Unlike Mariah she continues to throw shade at Jennifer which Demi Lovato noted as others.

    The shade is one sided and it's not the first time Mariah as gotten in the mud and slung dirt Madonna, Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera and more.

    Mariah is pressed that her career is flopping mean while J.Lo has a hit show on NBC, and grew vocally after being trained by ex husband Marc Anthony.

    Mariah's voice isn't as strong, nor is her stage presence as seen more recently at VH1 Honor's 90's, she had to be carried and moved and lifted to everything.

    Mariah was lipping once again and hasn't had a big album or hits in almost a decade.

    J.Lo never had all the #1's Mariah earned, and Jen wasn't and will never be known as having one of the best voices vocally (Mariah lost it).

    Mariah's career is struggling, just like her E show just got canceled, tickets aren't selling, her bad performances are viral all over, even her ex choreographer spilled that tea on her work ethic.

    If Mariah got on stage next to Jennifer, J.Lo would snatch her weave easy, Britney and Janet would do the same to Mariah.

  12. Just now, ShowdownITZ said:

    People still don’t care for Jlo and never will. She’s a flop and has been since the beginning of her career :forkit:

    How is she made history, not only with her movies, music, dancer, business woman and more.

    Britney loves J.Lo and Janet, and all 3 have said nice things about one another.

    It would SLAY and you know it. 


  13. Just now, ShowdownITZ said:

    The general public, considering her last album only sold like 90k :whitney:

    I'm confused as to why most people don't understand that music isn't selling much for the last decade it's been in free fall.

    Yes we do have a handful of singers able to go platinum, however most of the music industry is in a slump.

    That's also why there's been a rise in singers going independent to have more control over their careers and do what they want and make more.