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  1. Glory Vs Britney Jean

    Pretty World was scrapped long before Pretty Girls tanked like Iggy's career. The album was pushed back cause Britney wasn't happy with the prior songs and sound. This is why most of the urban producers tracks were cut from the album and Britney got with other writers and producers and changed the sound and song direction.
  2. Glory Vs Britney Jean

    Which album is more forgettable? Glory or Britney Jean? Glory to me is in my top 3 favorite albums of Britney's with ITZ and Blackout. Britney Jean we all know the controversy around the album and videos, same seems to have happened with Glory. Work Bitch has been getting promo for years well Glory in my opinion is a way better album most people don't know about it. Similarities Both album era's only had 2 videos Both album era's only had 2 singles released Both album's started out urban and changed direction last minute Both albums had videos that were cut to shreds i.e. Perfume, WB and Make Me We got more promo with Glory however both era's were mostly spent in Vegas Both albums flopped as did the second singles badly With so many other artists gaining billions of youtube music video views, selling 1 million albums in a week and having hit after hit on the charts where will Britney stand with album 10?
  3. Glory Vs Britney Jean

    Most current artists are working on it hence Nicki Minaj record breaking career as a female MC. Adele selling millions and shattering records for years. Rihanna very current continues to sell and have hits and just broke a record coming for Mariah's number 1's. Taylor Swift, multiple million selling albums, been releasing music years and years now. Many of these artists continue to build.
  4. Glory Vs Britney Jean

    We can name one to start although once I say the name all hell will break lose.