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  1. Congrats Pink she deserves this award she has sustained a career in music well over a decade + and continues to get great radio airplay. Pink has the hits. Glitter in the air - Peak #18 Stupid Girls - Peak #13 Family Portrait - Peak #20 Please don't leave me - Peak #17 Sober - Peak #15 Try - Peak #9 U + Ur Hand - Peak #9 Don't let me get me - Peak #8 Who Knew - Peak #9 Just like a pill - Peak #8 Blow me (One last kiss) - Peak #5 There you go - Peak #7 Most girls- Peak #4 Fuckin Perfect - Peak #2 Get the party started - Peak #4 Lady Marmalade - Peak #1 Raise your glass - Peak #1 Just give me a reason - Peak #1 So What - Peak #1 Pink sings live, she can dance talks about so many real issues, cares about her music and shares personal experiences in her music.
  2. Is Myah ALSO on Hold It Against Me?

    Myah Marie – background vocals on HIAM, other than that who knows.
  3. Top 10 Most Controversial Britney Spears Songs Queen of controversy like Britney said in "Chaotic", "Controversy that's what they want to see, it's how good you can play the game". In her interview with Diane Sawyer Britney talked about shocking people and how she claimed she wasn't going to do the "Madonna" thing and shock people. When pressed by Diane, Britney responded she said she meant shocking people like Madonna did with her sex book and that she couldn't go that for, and ended it with "Never say never". From her music, to her choices, costumes, performances good or bad, Britney makes the headlines.
  4. The verdict is in and Taylor Swift made her point of standing up for yourself when a DJ allegedly put his hands on her bare ass under her dress at a meet and greet. Taylor filed suitand the jury deliberated and she won one dollar which is what she sued for, and the DJ was guilty of assault and batter on Swift. ank Bell did not interfere with Mueller's employment. The jury’s decision came on the sixth day of the trial involving Swift, her mother and manager, and the former DJ, David Mueller. Read the jury instructions and verdict form the jurors read from. The judge in the case, William J. Martinez, on Friday removed all claims made by Mueller against Swift herself from the lawsuit, but one claim—that her mother and manager had influence Mueller’s firing from KYGO—went forth to the jury. Swift’s counterclaim of assault and battery by Mueller also went to the jury. Mueller originally sued Swift, alleging that she and her team falsely accused him of groping her at a photo shoot before a concert at Denver’s Pepsi Center on June 2, 2013, which led to his wrongful firing by KYGO. He sought reimbursement for his firing, which he alleged was wrongfully done. Swift filed a countercomplaint, alleging that Mueller touched her rear end inappropriately during the photo. She sought only $1 in damages for her counterclaim. This is a developing news story; stay posted to this page for the latest updates.