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  1. Kids React To Madonna

    @1:55, "I wouldn't say it's good, but I wouldn't say it's bad" Not "Express Yourself" being dragged like that...
  2. I'm more disappointed with Alesso. This is a step backwards from the masterpiece that was Heroes.
  3. Breathtaking? Was I supposed to be impressed by Demi's shouting, wailing, and strained notes? Anyway, it's for a good cause so I'll just shut up and keep it cute. Everyone else did really good.
  4. Watch no one audition now. Maybe troll acts for attention.
  5. Britney Has to hire Ariel Tejada

    I'm not a fan of the RDMAs look... If you look closely, the eyebrows are a bit messy. It definitely looks like a rushed job.
  6. you're all pieces of sh!t

    Are Britards resorting to insults to defend Currentney now?
  7. She's wearing something Britney would wear at POM.