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  1. She doesn't promote, like Britney. See? They do share some similarities.
  2. Her performances on the MTV Movie/TV Awards and Billboard Music Awards were awful. I think she should take a break to polish her singing and performing skills instead of rush releasing another song. No hate, I'm genuinely worried about her after CITC debuted so low on BB.
  3. Someone should edit her Wiki page, it still says Swish Swish is her third single. Seriously though, this means she hasn't had a flop for the Witness era yet. Smart move from her team.
  4. She's been singing a bit of country ever since her cover of Jolene (or Hoedown Throwdown, if you wanna count that too). This new direction is more authentic and less forced on Miley. Hardly a risk, imo.
  5. I thought this song would be worse than Bounce. But I was wrong, this is a bop. I love Anitta's voice in the chorus.
  6. Don't get the hype for her at all. Her voice is dull. Be The One continues to be her best work.