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  1. Her face is right behind the time on my phone. I wish there was a little mor space above her face :p
  2. What is Britney's best album? (2008-2016)

    Glory Circus Femme Fatale Britney Jean. how on earth can people prefer Bj over actual Britney albums. Smh
  3. Britney - MEGARATE (Deadline: 19/03)

    When are the results coming @LoanSPW
  4. I love clumsy

    I’ve always loved it! It such a bop. Production could’ve been better though

    It had potential but the whole project was excecuted poorly. I like a few songs but I’m mostly ashamed on how they handled the vocal production. Its by far her worst album. that being said. I do think some of the songs are nice and enjoyable. She should just have focus on five songs and made an EP. sometimes I wish she would re record some of these songs.