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  1. Is anyone else getting tired?

    If Britney would do somethin
  2. If only she could keep this make up on a daily basis then I'd be at least somewhat happy
  3. AMA 2017!!

    "ITS SO BAD, IT SUCKS, ITS NOT ATTRACTIVE" meanwhile theyre working hours upon hours for their fans and career and we got Britney twirling her hair and calling it choreography
  4. AMA 2017!!

    GORL I'LL TAKE BOTH in one SITTING sprinkle some fuckin GOT7 and you got the holy trinity shoot me i can't with them all in one post (sehun in your gif )
  5. It's because she rebrands every time she releases. Bitch is faker than my purse and I hate it but she's getting $$$
  6. The human is fine, the human is happy. But if you're gonna be on stage, give it your all, not your half assed bullshit.
  7. AMA 2017!!

  8. It's so dumb lol, the entire MV had no revolving plot around the song, it was so out of wack and I didn't understand what was going on, at least match the scenery with the song lmao
  9. Pink’s Voice Sounds Incredible On Carpool Karaoke

    Please refrain from using a derogatory word like that. I wouldn't allow people to call a gay the "f" word - so let's keep from saying she's a "dyke" because she has short hair. I'll be editing it. No offense >.< And people can grow, she was young and stupid just like Britney was at one point, she grew out of it and probably knows there's bigger issues out there than worrying about what another pop star is doing. And for the OP, yeah, a lot of people were hating on Britney duyring that time because she was the most popular, even one of my faves Evanescence made a song about *her* (Everybody's Fool) so yeah, she was a rag doll, and people were mean to her for no real reason.
  10. i just gotta say his latest MV for taylor is garbage, stop taking ideas from Marvel thanx b y e
  11. how? (face)

  12. GiGi Gorgeous giving Britney tees on TRL

    Queen of TRL New TRL is trash. Burn it and stay burnt
  13. GiGi Gorgeous giving Britney tees on TRL

    Former TRL shedding tears from it's grave
  14. GiGi Gorgeous giving Britney tees on TRL

    cAN They take down TRL, it's become a fucking shell of it's former self omg this is so cringe