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  1. 1 hour ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    FFT was at least cohesive. This is a clusterfuck of a mess. :outwithit:

    Right?  There was a system.  POM is so unbearable to watch, I literally just skim through videos. :mcorangu:


  2. 10 hours ago, MC The Songbird Supreme said:

    Maybe if britney wasnt so lazy we wouldn't be complaining about every little thing. Is it so hard to have one stress free era? Everything from 2011 to now has been stressful and horrifying. Hell let me push it to 2013 cuz at least we had HIT singles in 2011 and the GP BOUGHT and REQUESTED her music. Britney is doing great and the happiest shes been since 2004 and yet instead of channeling those good vibes into her music, she puts it into being an instagram model. Glory was a good album but she didn't promote it PROPERLY. One VMA performance and one tv performance, BIG WOW. The festival performances were just rehashes of her tired ass Vegas residency.


    I love Britney like she's my auntie but she's becoming more and more unbearable each year. I would have given her laziness a pass if it were 2009 to 2011 but now? NOPE. Britney is healthy and happy. Ya act like we have to have sympathy for her laziness. Britney is a normal functioning human being. She's bipolar and I wish her the best but lets not act like she's unable to perform properly. I swear some of ya act like Britney is mentally unstable when she's not at all. The only reason why she's still under a conservatorship is because she likes having her dad manage her money. Ya should be grateful Britney is healthy and happy. She could be in so much more critical condition like Amanda Bynes who is schizophrenic.


    We've put up A LOT with Britneys bullshit the past 5 years. I dont count Femme Fatale because she was unwell back then. Everything from Myah Jean, Desert Performance, scrapped music videos, Pretty Girls, Glory, Vegas, the horrifying Make Me video which made me so angry I wanted to punch my next door neighbor. I havent been that angry since my Harvard rejection letter. Britney should at least have the decency to film a good music video and GOOD performances. I am nervous that Britney might extend her Vegas residency at another venue next year :mariahstare: 


    Britney is only 35 and stuck in Vegas meanwhile Madonna is almost 60 years old, busting her old ass off slaying world tours, promo, photoshoots, music videos, performances, etc all while opening hospitals in underprivileged areas in Africa.

    I look at Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Bruno Mars and its like DAMN they have PASSION. Their fans are so fucking lucky. 


    I honestly would not mind if Britney retired. If she doesn't then stop half assing your career and performances. It really depresses me that we deal with this sh!t every era. I love Britney as a HUMAN BEING and always will but as a entertainer....she's lazy now days and I don't like laziness. 

    And yet, we need to be happy with her on stage using twitchy hand movements, bending at the knees with the *oops* face and a hand on her chest as choreography. :mcorangu:


    I think most people here would agree her work ethic is shite and she clearly just cannot be assed to try hard for her career anymore because she has nothing to prove according to some world renowned critics on Exhale. 

  3. 1 hour ago, lustwecantcontrol said:

    I honestly think it's RCA's fault that she stopped releasing singles, it's like once a single flops they pull the plug because they don't want to spend the money on another video because honestly if the label wanted another single they would make her release one.....labels usually steer the ship when it comes to singles being released....hence why Britney has had to fight to get ones she's wanted released. 

    they flop because she doesn't care about them :mcorangu:

  4. 1 minute ago, Alexanda said:

    If it's true they would have videos from the gunman, maybe they release it soon, idk that's what they did in the past.

    According to the newsarticle he is moslem for a few months?


    I think it's more probable that he had a mental illness.  And what's the news article?  There's a lot of speculation circulating but it's just very UNLIKELY ISIS was involved.

  5. 1 minute ago, Alexanda said:

    Still so sad :( Rip and i hope the other people in the hospital will get well soon.


    According to my newspage, it was a IS-attack? I mean anything is possible.

    P.S. Who cares about anyones reputation on BH right now? Come on, there are more important things.

    No.  ISIS is just gloryhunting.  If they could take responsibility for your flat-tire running you off the road & causing you bodily harm, they would.

  6. 15 minutes ago, Shadow. said:


    i don't really understand why anyone would need a gun for protection. do u not think there are better ways to protect yourself? :gross: im not american but it would seem from an outsider's perspective that it would be better if guns were banned? not trying to argue im just genuinely interested to hear a different side

    I don't know about the north, but I know the south here loves their guns.  I don't mind simple glock for protection especially in high criminal areas.  Some people like a collection.  Some people hunt.  My father in law has multiple rifles, scopes, guns because  I think some people really just like the "collection" - he never uses them.

    I wouldn't mind getting a handgun because I wouldn't take ANY chances with ANY robber, etc.  Especially if I have a child.  My life and my families life is worth more than a need for my TV and DVD collection.  (and you don't have time to get some mace/pepper spray or a knife especially if they're huge, or have a weapon themselves)

    15 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    This goes back to my earlier post. Who the hell needs a machine gun? Why is this allowed to be bought? :nicki2:

    Have they even mentioned how he got those guns in the first place?  His brother was breaking down on national TV and he genuinely seemed absolutely shocked... 
    The last text that he sent his brother was "how's mom" 
    I can't imagine what managed to snap in his fucking demented head.  I feel so sympathetic towards all the families and to his brother. 

  7. 2 hours ago, JumpedOverDrama said:

    God, she is so damn lazy. This is why I can't stan ha ass no more. I'll always love her but she's not the artist I thought she was. Thank god for Blackout and for the writers and producers that put it together. Bless her vocals, but yeah.

    The fact she had like a paragraph and a half to say about her Blackout album.  And  amention of Freakshow ... being sassy and that she loves sassy...

    Like Britney bby, what the fuck..................... Danja had a huge fucking essay and Britney has a sentence. :dead:

  8. LMFAO I'm a BTS Army but fuck that noise bruh....... Britney's shitty ass uninspired talentless career and you think BTS would ever consider her?  Why you gotta bring my baby boys in this, you're only gonna make them get insulted by people who don't understand Kpop  :orangu:  

    Jokes aside, no.  Britney just wouldn't mesh.  At all. lol  That would look so tacky since she can't bring hard moves and choreography like they can.  And it would only solidify the whole "cougar" thing.  Not a good look :orangu: