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  1. Like, I wouldn't either if I was someone who valued my own work. Some people don't...
  2. That fucking dude singing the chorus with her gives me fucking hives bro. LOL sounding like donald duck
  3. Because her work ethics / promotional efforts suck donkey dick.
  4. Yeah and knowing he was... sexually abused as a child by an older person... Fuck bro. That's so troubling. I feel for him, even after his death. His demons got the better of him, and it's unfortunate no one could've pulled him out - not even his children. Ugh. He will be missed..
  5. I grew up with his music. I think my entire generation did... Fuck. I can't imagine the hurt and pain he must've had to have taken his life... I know it wasn't the best; but could no one help him? We lost another one folks. We're getting old and time is unforgiving.
  6. as much as I love Dua, I'll have to disagree. Britney wouldn't give anything to Dua, and Dua wouldn't give anything to Britney (career wise) it'd be another Iggy collab where its a fun cute bop with no substance. I'm ready for matureney ALA Invitation Dua and Lana are under the same label, I love them both, Lana more because Lana's my baby but Dua's getting there. <3