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  1. That also has released 9 music albums? Doesn't that make her a singer too?
  2. Im with you on this. I can't with OP He says Riri is a shitty vocalist, yet we havn't heard Britney sing live since ... when? THE HYPOCRISY! If it was the early 2000's it would another thing...
  3. Then what is Britney? Don't be a brittard please...
  4. Found the one for Tokyo https://www.creativeman.co.jp/artist/2017/06britney/#english
  5. She is also missing: being in sync, and shes missing the passion
  6. I think she loves children because of the type of family she grew up in. Typical close southern family. Also I think it has to do that she has a little sister that she took care of
  7. Wow, the last video is amazing. The flow. The passion. The attitude.