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  1. I whole heartedly agree with the point of this point but I can tell you I don't know a word of any demi lovato song so I can't say anything about that part but I don't know most new pop songs tbh
  2. I know I thought about that too
  3. So sad about Chester a real loss to music and so soon after Chris Cornell I'm so sorry they both suffered for so long
  4. EXACTLY her instagram is what it would be like if we were just friends with her, seeing the little things she sees that she likes, how she interprets artwork etc I think it's absolutely amazing. We don't don't deserve her
  5. I love her instagram I don't why some of y'all complain I miss her so much britneyyyyyyy where are you
  6. We might be a rare breed but we're here
  7. Well considering every time my phone goes off I hope it's her back on instagram so I would say very. I'm all about the britster
  8. Britney is a copy machine
  9. Well good news is Britney is fine Sam posted an instagram story a little while ago "dinner with my lioness last night" with a picture of a sunset or something. Since I will never figure out how to post pictures on here I'm just gonna stop typing and leave it at that. She's so quiet on instagram I miss her so much