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  1. Mainly Gimme More, Toxic, BOMT or any unusual Britney track that is very unlikely to be played
  2. [Request] Outta This World + Song About You

    can someone kinda mix them or something? with the intro?
  3. Did team Britney ever do the right things?

    I would just rather for her to be on her own if we get Blackout and Original albums. I will never defend her team until she has creative freedom and stops playing safe or just with the intention to sell.. thing i want the most if her actually being connected with her music again and what she does.
  4. Hey guys. basically I love this Japan bonus mastered track, but I do miss a lot the intro of the demo "Song About You" on it... I have no clue why they did remove it. Do you know if there's any version specifically with that intro instead? Thank you
  5. Which is your favorite Japan bonus track?

    I love get back but I have to go with Outta This World cuz there's something special to it.
  6. even tho he is right and it's no rocket science, he forgets that Britney is a legend, an icon... something he will never be able to achieve at this point. so he is in no place to discuss vegas or being offered for it cause he has no actual career for it and if he did, it wouldn't be on Britney level for sure. Britney is in a position that she can do whatever the f**k she wants, he doesn't, he has no icon legacy