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  1. Not a huge fan but it looks like fun. Love the big screen and giant snake. Set List 1. "...Ready For It?" 2. "I Did Something Bad" 3. "Gorgeous" 4. "Style" 5. "Love Story" 6. "You Belong With Me" 7. "Look What You Made Me Do" 8. "End Game" 9. "King of My Heart" 10. "Delicate" 11. "Shake It Off" 12. "Dancing With Our Hands Tied" 13. "All Too Well" 14. "Blank Space" 15. "Dress" 16. "Bad Blood" 17. "Should've Said No" 18. "Don't Blame Me" 19. "Long Live" 20. "New Year's Day" 21. "Getaway Car" 22. "Call It What You Want" 23. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" 24. "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things"
  2. I better get a full refund.
  3. It's so weird to think that Britney has been in this business for 20 years but only 4 years are her prime. It felt so much longer. Maybe because I was so young at the time but those 4 years felt like 10. I think for me the best was 2000 but I prefer 2003.
  4. The Greatest Show

    rumor I know what Britney thinks of the Myah talk and the BJ era

    If she cares so much about our opinion why has she been doing the bare minimum since FF and has been putting so little effort into her shows?
  5. She will watch the highlights of the Royal Wedding not the whole thing. Demi and Chrisitna had mutual respect and Christina appreciated the kind words and said Demi seemed genuine. They are the same height (not true Christina is shorter she is 157 cm / 5′ 2″ ) and Demi is like the dark haird version of her She is so excited about the tour and the smaller more intimite venues and touring as a mom. She wants to document the tour She is breaking free out of her comfort zone by going back on tour. I think the music video will premier at the BBMAs?? She didnt seem so sure herself.
  6. Lol I love how she has consistently shaded her past 2 eras this year. She is acting like B2B was her last record.
  7. The Greatest Show

    exhale Christina Aguilera Breaks Down Her Music Video Looks

    She doesn't tho. It's just a look she is known for. Miley and Kylie dressed up as her that's a fact. Also cher was a million years ago and nobody outside of Britneys fanbase knows Overprotected DCR.
  8. The Greatest Show

    other When the conservatorship is over...

    If it ends it will end with a Holiday in Hawaii. Not expecting her laziness to go away.
  9. The Greatest Show

    exhale Christina Aguilera Breaks Down Her Music Video Looks

    huh maybe they have a system that sees the demand or somehting?? Cause 40USD for one location and 112 for another is crazy.
  10. wow so many people releasing music this year. Hope next year wont be dull because of it.
  11. yeah the obsession is what confuses me. I dont like Beyonce or Demi or Selena... so I dont stalk them or their fanbase on the internet. If Demi fans started saying "Omg I hate Christina Fatuilera she cant sing" Im not gonna get bitter about it and start obsessing over Demi. In what world does that make sense?? Why not focus on your fave isntead of OBSESSING over someone you hate?? I mean Im a fan I dont even know her charts and nubers that well lmao.
  12. yeah and then say "i saw a mean comment on that artists fanforum"" like wtf?? what does Christina have to do with you acting like a childish asshole toward her?? And honestly as a frequent member of both fanforums and a casual viewer of others... The B Army is the most aggressive fanbase after the Bhive. I think its mostly jelously because Britney gets critisized for not having any talent and these days its hard to point to evidence that thats not the case. It makes them bitter. LIke we would be able to point at her amazing dance skills and her involvement in her albums and her beauty but thats kind of over. Now she is getting dragged for things she used to be great at and when they see other fanbases making fun of that they cant deal with it because they have no arguments.
  13. The Greatest Show

    exhale Christina Aguilera Breaks Down Her Music Video Looks

    I think it depends on where you are getting the ticktes from. I saw tickets for 80 USD on Ticketmaster. The lowest ones were even 40 USD go here https://www.songkick.com/artists/246366-christina-aguilera/calendar
  14. Why are some people here so obsessed with numbers and comparing Christina to Britney? They are both in completly different situations?? Christina hasnt done much musically in the last decade and hasnt been on tour in that decade either. Of course her numbers wont be high. Also FIL is not a very commercial song or radio friendly... honestly its a poor choice for a lead single and the only reason its doing as well as it is is because Demi is on it. Demi may have ruined the song (imo) but at least she is getting people to listen to it.
  15. lmao it looks like such an uncomfortable staged picture. Someone must have been like "hey squat down over their and kind of hug each other"
  16. The Greatest Show

    exhale Christina Aguilera Breaks Down Her Music Video Looks

    Im pretty sure this video is old and was done when she first had her lips done. She seems to have lost some weight and her lips have settled down a bit. They still look fake but not like a vagina anymore. Either the video is old or she gained weight and re did her lips.
  17. The lips are allready wearing off that is old footage. She looked much better in recent videos and in the on set picture with demi. To me her weight is making her look weird because she always gets huge hamster cheeks. But yeah I agree with you. It also doesn't make sense since her whole motto this era is loving yourself the way you are and stripping back.. but whatever.
  18. You gonna post that in every Christina related thread? Once was enough.
  19. The Greatest Show

    event “I’m adding a couple of new songs in the show”

    was that an old user here?? No. I have nothing to do with Serbia so I would never put that in my name. . I used to be XtinaBrit tho.
  20. The Greatest Show

    event “I’m adding a couple of new songs in the show”

    It literally has the same name... if someone was expecting a whole new show, they are f**king stupid
  21. The Greatest Show

    exhale Have you ever been shamed because you stan Britney?

    no but I never tell people I stan her. I feel like stanning at 27 is kind of pathetic... I dont want people to judge me the way I judge them