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    I think christina started getting really annoyed because she was asked about Britney in every interview and then threw some shade and they had some issues up until 2005. I dont think Christina would have sent Britney baby gifts if she hated her and same with Britney sending Christina wedding gifts. I think they had a 3 year period that was overall difficult for both of them where they didnt like each other much but dont think there was real hate or annimosity. I think they respect each other but are soo different personality wise that they just dont go together well.
  2. She has 5 studio albums. Most fans don' count the xmas album as an actual album because its just a seasonal thing and the Spanish album is just her first album in Spanish + 4 songs. Thats why fans refer to the next album as X6. But you could technically also see it as X8.
  3. Christina Aguilera Just Uploaded A Video To Vevo

    She sings spanish... she has sung spanish live many times.
  4. That's so random... the last one is nice the other 2 look uncomfortable, staged and weird.
  5. Im just hoping they get a lot of pepsi money and Brintey gets rid of at least some of her ticks... otherwise I dont see a lot of ppl lining up to seeing her in the future. Ppl allways forgave her for not singing because she had a reason. She really doesnt have a reason anymore and now her show is also deteriorating visually... I really hope they were just badly prepared last year and will be better prepared for actual touring this year.
  6. BRITNEY SPEARS - ONE MORE TIME (2019 residency)

    she has her opeining thingy for Work Bitch She has the wooden thingys for MATM She hasThe Guitar for ILRNR She the angel wings for Everytime She has those weird fabric thingys for Baby One MOre time She has the pole and the triangle thing for DyWCO She has a pole for Slave 4 You She has a Chair for Do Somethin She has her plattform and the mirrors for Circus She has the tree for Toxic She has more than enough props they are mostly just shitty or boring.
  7. I had a really hard time finding a "best" one because that section has never had a nice outfit
  8. Massive slayage right here

    I was a rabid Circusney hater but in retrospect and knowing what came after... it was great. + she genuinely seemed to have fun for most of it.
  9. BRITNEY SPEARS - ONE MORE TIME (2019 residency)

    it will be a greatest hits show. And I allready made the best one I like yours too tho. Minus Work Bitch and The Beat goes on.
  10. Timberlake flopping....

    I hear everyone talking about him flopping but his tickets went on sale less than 6 hours ago and they allready had ot add extra shows in Germany. Not sure about other countries but he is doing fine here. Sure his new album is s--t and isnt doing well sales wise but singers make thier money with tours and he seems to be doing very well on that front. Im a traitor too tho.. I bought tickets. https://twitter.com/BICONlC/status/961286178564698113 https://twitter.com/BICONlC/status/961286178564698113
  11. What Was She Talking About Here? [2007]

    trolling obviously. Why would she tell random paparazzi about her new music.
  12. Billet collector

    I bought one for 5 €. Got the same thing for Shakira and Timberlake too. So I guess its a ticketmaster thing