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  1. Should Britney have background singers as dancers?

    they were fine they were just waaaaaayy to loud. Or Britneys track was to quiet.
  2. Choose the best flop fan moment

    First I have to say that these examples happened when I was 9 -10 years old and I never bought albums, watched MTV or saw commercials or anything at that time. And internet and Youtube were not a thing. In 2000 my mom bought me the Oops and Baby CD (I had the cassette for Baby before that) but she dropped the Oops cover and it broke so she put the CD into the Baby CD cover and I thought for about 3 years that it was a double disc and didnt realize that it was a new album becaus they sound was similar enough. I actually had an even worse Christina flop moment. To me she was just a singer from America and I didnt think about people being bi lingual and that she had a latin name... So one time I was on holiday in Spain and they were playing the spanish version of Genie in a Bottle and my mom said "hey its Christina" and I got really pissed and insisted that it was a cheap cover from a local singer and that singer couldnt sing half as well as Christina. lmao Then years later I saw her Stripped tour and she had a latin segment and just burst out laughing and then did some research and saw that she indeed recorded her debut album in Spanish.
  3. Britney fans, what's your top 3 female pop stars?

    1. Britney/Chrisitna 2. Pink
  4. Britney said in FTR that her job had nothing to do with her breakdown and that it was all personal issues. But the way she cried when talking about the paparazzi in the dateline interview make me think that she was either in denial or that it was pregnancy hormones that were making her emotional.
  5. Boy , we come a long way

    I know you can. And yes Ive been to a gym.
  6. Christina Aguileras new look..

    Ive gotten used to the face, the clothes are different and ok for me but honey that hair has got to go. Usually before an era she looks a mess because she tries to figure out what her look will be. Hope this is that and now what she is planning for her next "era". What do you guys think? And what do you think this look says about her now 3 years delayed album??