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  1. Is anyone else just really excited about the summer tour?

    Im trying not to be but I just got my tickets yesterday and I cant help it.
  2. she can probably still do the side splits. Middle splits requiire different flexibiity and even in her prime we never saw her do them All of her dancers are doing middle splits here but she is turning her left leg down and doing side splits but facing forward. it is also possible that she can do them but wasnt warmed up properly or didnt want to risk tearing her tights. middle vs. side, totally different flexibilty and Britney is basically doing this but facing forward
  3. POLL : Your age

    what does being skinny have to do with being old??
  4. Do y'all realize prerecorded vocals

    both are equal lies. In one scenario she either thinks we are too stupid to notice cd vocals or is lazy and in the other she at least put in the effort to make it appear live.
  5. Do y'all realize prerecorded vocals

    But they are at least trying to fool you into thinking she is singing. Like this they just say "nah who cares??" Its lazy and unporfessional. And sure it was obvous that it wasnt live here because she was allways doing wooo, ugh, what and yeah while she should be breathing it still made it feel like it was live and you could easily fool yourself into thinking it was live.
  6. I never understood why this

    I love how some people only show the best pictures and act like she looked great and others just post the worst ones and say she looked awfull. Honestly she wasnt fat but she wasnt in good shape and should not have worn that outfit. I wonder how she feels about it now. Its probably something that makes her cringe
  7. Britney Spears: "He looked like a lizard."

    yeah its one thing to talk s--t on the internet its another to do it on TV.
  8. What's your favorite songs from Madonna?

  9. POLL : Your age

  10. Dark.Knight Appreciation Thread

    best member here
  11. Best Circus Tour Bootlet

    I wish I had a clip of the dancers reaction when Britney showed them the choreo.
  12. Britney Spears: "He looked like a lizard."

    so effin rude tbh.
  13. I would give her 2 options: 1. Take 2 years off and spend 5 days a week 4-6 hours a day in the dance studio. Then come back and slay everyone with your moves. + more mature music. and pre recorded vocals 2. Take 2 years off and spend 5 days a week 2 hours a day on vocal lessons and 3 hours a day in the dance studio and come back as a live singer with good moves. At the moment she is neither a great singer or dancer so I would have her either focus on one really hard or work on both equally. I would want her to make more mature music and sing about things that have meaning. I would go back to vocals like in the Britney era Not the strongest vocals but a lot of talk singing that she could do live. I would also have her sing at least 3 impressive ballads and have her comeback be her slaying live at the Grammys. That would get more publicity than her dancing half naked on stage again. I would have a very glamerous era because at this point she is too old to be the "tomboy". Glamerous doesnt have to mean dresses all the time but I just want her to look really classy for one era. I also want her to realize that hair that is too light and dark tan makes her look 5 years older. So dark blonde no more platinum/yellow blonde.

    Not my type at all.