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  1. Because she doesn't want to be anymore. I think she's comfortable and happy with not being as 'popular' now so we just got to accept it.
  2. he's getting dragged on twitter for this. Y'all think we'll get a part 2 of this?
  3. Yes, he was saying what we were all thinking at first when britney started her residency but somehow it's even worse when he says this because of all the negative things he has said about Britney in the past. It's just coming off like he's being shady and intentionally rude. Especially when he added the "prince was the best that ever did it"
  4. He is so calculated I'm sure this was his way of indirectly shading britney but trying to not make it obvious. He has gone through a lot of media training, I'm sure he knew how this would be perceived when his ex girlfriend who he has history of calling "a bitch" and trashed in one of his biggest songs has done a residency. He even had the nerve to say Prince did it the best, but if I remember correctly Prince did not like JT and actually shaded him a couple times. JT dissed him also in the song "Give it to Me".
  5. Oh this is the most !

    It was great for its time. Obviously not now.
  6. I'm the Queen of reaching when it comes to Justney and even I think this theory is ridiculous. I highly doubt that having a girl who has similar eyes (not even THAT similar tbh) to Britney's was the intention.
  7. Did y'all hear Justin say having a Las Vegas residency is like planning a retirement in his new interview. Can we drag him for this?
  8. Is it ok to a concert by yourself?

    No, I attended a lot of concerts by myself. Just because people you know don't want to go, it shouldn't stop you from enjoying yourself. I'd rather go by myself and meet people who enjoy Britney and her music at the show than drag a friend along who isn't a fan.
  9. JT is shaking in his boots at the thought of his ex of 15 years ago outshining his performance with a damn commercial
  10. (JK about the title , don't drag me Also, why does G-Eazy kinda give me k-fed vibes And yes, this is Britney related because both have gotten to ( g-eazy attempted to) kiss her