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  1. It is sad, with how far she's come you'd think it would be different. There are many factors that contributed to her lack of popularity today; which we've all discussed. (Iist goes on and on.. ) I get so pissed off seeing her now and thinking what could be!! I still love her and will stan for life but its frustrating when you adore her and people around you are like Britney?? She's becoming irrelevant and that's what I don't want!! She is getting her confidence back and looks Amazing!! I'm hopeful for the future, and that she pushes herself and it gets people talking!
  2. No I don't think she's a bad person I don't really know much about to judge. Katy, she's lost my respect Bye lol
  3. Agreed. Is Britney Iconic in our eyes..yes but I think the success of Madonna and MJ is vastly different for how long they stayed relevant and changed their style. Britney unfortunately hasn't and with Vegas she's become kind of stale and hasn't really pushed herself to be everywhere like she was. She'll have to do A LOT to pull herself out of it and become the artistic, successful, game-changing queen I know she can be!
  4. I don't really like country and yes she's a crossover artist, but I still can't! I find her a bit annoying no matter how many times I try.. Just like Katy Perry. I just can't. She's not a bad artist just not for me..
  5. The first time I saw her was Dream within Dream tour 2001 in Pittsburgh I was 16!! OMG I will never forget, I was so young..lol I went with my mommy and a good friend at the time. I also saw her Onyx Hotel Tour 2004- Philadelphia Circus 2009- Pittsburgh Femme Fatale 2011- Cleveland I haven't seen her in Vegas yet, I really want to go but $$ doesn't grow on trees..