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  1. Is it pre-recorded? If so then what's the point? Why not just have Mariah Carey perform the tribute? Christina's performance had better be close to perfect considering she hasn't released an album or single in recent memory. It's not exciting that she's performing Whitney's hits instead of her own but at this point anything is better than being the reality show judge. One can only hope a new single/video will be released the night of the performance. If not, it's another missed opportunity for Christina.
  2. Tony Bennett Hints At New Lady Gaga Collaboration

    I'm seriously curious as to what that would sound like?
  3. I hope it turns out well. I hope Christina is ready and able to deliver. If she screws up one note or run the gp will never forget it.
  4. Praying she performs You Get My Love but I know she is going to do Beautiful Trauma or Barbies. Either way I don't care what she is hanging from as long as she sounds amazing while doing it.
  5. Out of all the things she could have done she thought licking her own crotch was the best idea.
  6. Nicki had 100% creative control on this shoot.
  7. So much talent between these two women and they're wasting it on being bitter. This song is clearly about Nicki, no matter what either of them say. Remy Ma and Lil Kim both need to stop with the Nicki shots and tracks at this point. Nicki has made it clear she is not going to respond anytime soon. While this could have been a moment for Lil Kim to reinvent herself and Remy Ma to set forth some kind of identity outside of L&HH and hating Nicki Minaj. It ended up being predictable, right down to the video shoot. They're both stuck in 2006 it seems as far as creativity. A sad thing to say about Lil Kim in 2017. And why the hell weren't there any closeup shots of Kim?! I hope this is only a buzz track and not supposed to be the main offering.
  8. I applaud Eve for speaking up as a real female emcee in regards to this trash cover. And I can't at the Nicki's fans bringing up Eve's past to deflect from Nicki's choice to intentionally create porn. Until Nicki releases a "Love is Blind", she and the Barbz can kiss Eve's lion prints. I hope more respected and prominent female emcees (Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Missy, Salt & Peppa, Da Brat) speak on this cover because it's definitely a discussion that needs to take place. Roxanne Shante has to be shaking her head at what the female emcee has turned into. All ass and no talent. And I can't at Nicki thinking Beyonce would record an album with her. I believe she has lost her mind.
  9. I didn't know I needed this collaboration until now. I'll only be watching for this, Imagine Dragons and Ms. Ross.
  10. Just like her cameo in Chicago, this should have happend!
  11. I believe it's more of the fact that Nicki has made claims in the past of empowering women. Even the "feud" she had with Taylor Swift was based off of the inequalities black women or women of color face in the music industry and life (or so Nicki says.). But then she continues to support her brother who violated a girl. Not a woman, a girl. Nicki can not say that she stands for women's rights, feminism, equality then turn around and support a monster that has taken the basic human rights of a child away. She's just as sick of a monster as her brother and she should be ashamed of herself for the hypocrisy.
  12. Her ex (Meek Mill) was just sentenced to two years in prison for violating his parole. Her brother is a convicted pedophile rapist (she still supports him). She hasn't released a hit single since.... Not to mention Remy Ma completely threw Nicki's credibility in the trash this year. Regardless of whether it's childish or not to respond to Remy, that's hip hop culture. Diss tracks and battling are a crucial part of rap and hip hop going back to the beginning. Nicki can release radio friendly songs all she wants but her not releasing a solo response to Remy showed Nicki's true colors. And on the topic of Cardi B, no Nicki doesn't have anything to worry about lyrically. But it's a shame Cardi did it in one song (#1). Meanwhile Nicki is still reaching for features, supporting a pedophile and licking her own crotch on a magazine cover.
  13. Pink’s Voice Sounds Incredible On Carpool Karaoke

    I love this woman so much. Her voice only gets better with time. But why does she always sing GTPS and RYG? No love for TYG or YMMS?
  14. I'm pretty sure she thought No Frauds (and those other two singles) was going to be "iconic" but it only proved that she couldn't hold her own without running to Drake or Lil Wayne. I used to be a Nicki supporter but she is not the same Nicki that had the best verse on Monster, or Itty Bitty Piggy Nicki, hell at this point she isn't even Stupid Hoe Nicki. And this magazine cover only degrades her brand. I remember her saying she wants to be the male Jay Z...I don't remember Jay Z or any male emcee giving themselves head on the cover of a magazine.
  15. SMMFH. I believe Nicki may be entering her "blackout" phase career wise. With her personal life in disarray and her credibility as the "Queen of Rap" in complete question? (She still hasn't released a decent response to Remy Ma. Regardless of Nicki's celebrity endorsements she still has to be an emcee if she is going assume the "Queen of Rap" title.) Where does Nicki fit in today with this younger emerging hip hop crowd that is much more trill&B than sell out club/pop-dance banger? Yes she has features on Lil Uzi and Migos new songs but at this point Nicki needs to prove that she can do what Cardi B did (somehow) in one song...get a solo #1 hit record. I hope Nicki's next release is more ground breaking than continued desperation like this cover. ( I have a feeling she's going to use some feminism empowerment angle for this crap.) Until Nicki gets her solo #1 the real Queen of Rap will always and forever be... Missy. Sorry Kim.