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  1. 10 minutes ago, DMVofficial said:

    you guys are all fucking psychos :tiffcackle:

    all she's doing is trying to build hype for the album. she's ditching the classic form of promo (performances, interviews, press, etc) and using mystery to keep people speculating, which keeps people talking. whoever's behind her marketing campaign is a modern genius

    Unless it backfires and her album doesn't sell as well as expected. Either way it will be interesting to see how this "era" turns out. 

  2. 8 hours ago, anthony7226 said:

    So, does Lil' Kim get credit for this then since Minaj's entire career was based off of hers? And Kim was still heavily played and featured when Nicki came in. Nicki makes it sound like there were no female MC's out when she came up. Plus, exactly what OCBoy1985 said. She is barely hip-hop. Starships, Super Bass, really? Nicki will forever be just another one of them pop girls. 



  3. 4 hours ago, Spearsfan said:

    I know SZA's album was acclaimed and I liked Kehlani but she did get nominated.

    Who else though? I'm trying to remember all the albums 

    Along with SZA's, I personally loved Dawn Richards Infrared Deluxe Edition and the imo brilliant  Redemption. All amazing displays of progressive R&B artistry.

    I feel Solange A Seat at the Table should be just as recognized  as  Beyonce's Lemonade (both had equally brilliant efforts musically). Both are equal perspectives and view points. Beyonce just had the mega machine behind her. 

    Kelela is another artist I feel deserved more attention in '17.

    I am surprised Halsey wasn't recognized more for Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. 

    I enjoyed Lordes Melodrama as much as most  of the veteran artist this year. 

    The AMA list of nominees has alot of artist who have worked hard and produced great material in the past year (Kendrick). But I feel alot of female artist have produced equal material and we're ignored by mainstream. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Spearsfan said:

    Halsey commented but I agree 

    Who released great music??? 

    I only can think of Kesha and Halsey imo 

    Some will disagree but who else? Really it was a crap year for music 

    Alot of great female musicians/artist released material this past year. Their music unfortunately just wasn't played on the "radio" or given mainstream attention. That's why I find a good number of these awards shows pointless at this point. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Chris88 said:

    I would literally agree with you if it was one anyone else than Miley. But when Miley was in her Bangerz era she was like "This is the real me, I make what I wanna do, the only bitch I want on my record is Britney" and stuff, like she was totally in control and even when she was showing a lot, and sometimes too much skin, she was really owning up to it, she even said that she didn't want to perform anything pre-Can't Be Tamed because she didn't recognize herself in that (or something). And now she has this album and she's like "This is the real me, I don't care about the charts"...I'm calling BS on her. Not because she went country, I'd take Colbie Caillat anytime over all the same sounding EDM/HipHop/pop stuff we hear on the radio from artists who care more about selling than music, but I don't see how real Miley really is. That said I have major respect for her humanitarian work and the advocacies she takes on. 

    I understand completely what you are saying. But I think it's a bit of what ChosenSparkles pointed out below. Miley (like Britney) grew and is still growing up in front of the world. Her music is reflecting that I feel.  

      Bangerz was probably her rebellious early twenties stage. I thought I had a grip on who I was and what I wanted at that age like most early twenty something's. Now she's approaching her mid twenties  and is in a different place. Her music would naturally reflect that. In this instance unfortunately it seems like her audience just didn't grow with her in this direction. 

     I hope she keeps her integrity and continues to experiment with sounds and esthetics to eventually find her own. 

    1 hour ago, ChosenSparkles said:

    I think Miley evolves constantly and is growing as a person... with Bangerz she felt herself bc she was always supposed to play the role model and she was done with that pressure so she went crazy Miley mode plus Liam broke up with her so she was unstable IMO... we gotta realize she was in a show that pretty much destroyed her life bc people projected an image on her that wasn't her and she had so much success at such a young age, of course she was gonna do something crazy at some point. Then she was mainly on drugs while doing Dead Petz and stuff, but then she went back to Liam and took some time away from the glitter world and find herself growing and changing. Plus she decided to be sober (it's been 6 month now)... It happens to all of us in our 20ies, we are always figuring out who we are and who we want to be...

  6. 1 hour ago, Spearsfan said:

    Unless she did small theaters 


    I think that would be a good idea for her to do over the next year. Just to continue to regain a bit of credibility back. Other than The Voice, I believe the gp mainly remember her for her Bangerz era and Hana Montana. Both iconic pop eras but not something I think she would want to continue into her late twenties as an adult artist. 

  7. I respect the fact Miley did what she did with her latest album visually and musically. She could have done the Miley antics that we have all become accustomed to. But with a year seeing countless female pop star after pop star choose sexuality over substance with no huge success. It's refreshing to see a young female pop star stick to her guns and choose to grow up and not be a slave to dying trends.


  8. How can you bring back TRL without bringing back the artist who's careers were launched and sustained on the show? :wyd:


    If they weren't going to play any music videos then they should have just marketed the first week as an MTV special for the relaunch of TRL. :cricket:


     Justin Timberlake and Nsync should have had a reunion on the first week (Would have been a great way for Justin's team, the NFL and MTV to announce his Superbowl performance.):lemmetellu: 


     They should have done interviews with Christina Aguilera, P!NK, Jennifer Lopez, Mandy Moore (This Is Us!!!), The Backstreet Boys, Eminem, Rihanna and Jay Z about the impact of the original TRL, they're most memorable TRL moments and how TRL helped their careers. :whitneyshade:


    With of course a special appearance from Beyonce.:howiroll:


    And a tribute to the queen of TRL Britney Spears and her music video legacy. :unbothered:


    TRL can work but it has to keep the same things that made it work in the first place. Fans, new and relevant artist,  political news updates, host with great personalities (Carson was a not Carson at the start of TRL) and most importantly the top music videos/songs right now. It's sad that this forum could do a better job of running MTV than the "executives" currently running MTV straight into hell. :letitburn:


  9. 1 hour ago, SashayFierce said:

    Beyonce has worked really hard to get to her Lemonade era, do some stans here not remember that for YEARS Beyonce was quiet as a mouse?  Britney has been working slowly and steadily, getting her confidence back and she will have her big VMA moment too! I know some people want to see something flashy with really big production, but this year for Britney was too soon for that! She has her own Las Vegas show with all that, I don't know why some fans here are so heated.  Myself when I get bored with Xhale I'm going to watch her POM performances and fall asleep to Glory, and tommrow will wake up looking for all the media that praises Britney!  Already there's lots of headlines that loved her performance tonight!

    This...as I log off and listen to glory for the 18th time today.:boredashell: