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  1. I think the Christina bashing from Britney fans stems from the music industry and Christina's behavior over the last twenty years. The music industry would never pass up the opportunity to remind Britney fans that Christina was more talented and would most likely out last Britney twenty years from their prime. 

     So it's a bit of divine retribution to see how everyone was wrong and Britney has not only outsold Christina but has remained relevant by comparison. Whereas Christina has no one but Christina to blame for her reputation and lackluster career of late. 

    I agree the rivalry aspect is tired but that's the music industry unfortunately. Cyndi Lauper may have been more talented but Madonna will always be the queen. It's the same for Christina and Britney. 

    My thing is Britney fans like to talk sh!t about Larry but we could have Christina's management team. :grimace:


    With that said, I think she'll move somewhere between 67k - 77k. 

  2. 29 minutes ago, Chaoscontrol said:

    Which video were they talking about though? I'm assuming this was during FF

    I'm guessing it must have been TTWE. Britney was dirty, sweaty and in a sewer in that video so I guess that could be considered ripping Kesha off. 


    I like this interview, I hope she is truly happy and is finding peace. She'll never get out of that contract but hopefully she can find peace of mind with knowing she has the support of her fans and fellow female artist. I've always enjoyed Kesha's unreleased stuff more than her albums anyway. 


  3. 10 minutes ago, CrAzAY said:

    If that were true why would Katy not have come out with that herself? This is such a mess and it’s starting to look a little fishy on kesha’s part.

    It's messy and disturbing on so many levels. Whether you believe Kesha or not, this now puts Katy Perry in an unfair and uncomfortable situation. And drags Lady Gaga even further into a battle that's solely between Kesha and Dr. Luke. 

  4. Those damn lips aside, I can't lie I'm low key liking Christina's "no fucks" vibe this era. Turns out Accelerate is a bop just not one that's going to make Christina relevant again. But the song is ambitious and addictive, I hated the song for a month straight and all of a sudden I've found myself humming/singing the chorus six times this week. :CPKney:

     I still can't stand Fall to the Side, I still haven't finished the entire song and I don't think I ever will. I love her new song with Goldlink though. Considering he's  one of the top upcoming rappers right now it was smart of her and/or her team to put him on the album and not the tired Migos, Future, Nicki Minaj, Yo Gotti, Swae Lee, feature.  I'm interested in hearing the musical direction on the rest of the album. She's clearly only making music she wants to make and hear which is what a pop artist  her age should be doing. The albums going to flop but that's pretty much apart of Christina's appeal and legacy at this point. 

  5. 1 hour ago, breatheheavy said:

    A sociopath?!!! Explain sis 



    It may seem small to others but I have never given her a pass as far as licking donuts and putting them back for others to eat.  I love her voice but only God knows what's been in her mouth or on her tongue. Oh yeah she also hates America and American's. sh!t people forget about Ariana. :grimace:

  6. 20 minutes ago, MyQueenBritney said:

    Hmm is it just me or does this story sound too familiar?!! 

    A  female pop star in her early twenties who is five years into her career on her 4th album cycle gets engaged to a new boyfriend after dating for a short period!!  I'm getting reminded too much 2004 Britney.

    Only the boyfriend has a job and future and the pop star is a cute sociopathic bitch with vocals of gold and an annoying hairdo. Young rich love, this will not end well. :nochillbrit:

  7. 11 hours ago, glorified.ho said:

    I love Goldlink, this has his name written all over it, but it also reminds me of the more organic albums of Erykah Badu. That's exactly what I expected to hear from Xtina, and I hope she releases this track as single. Didn't really like the other songs. I wish the album had a concept? The songs don't connect.


    I'm actually liking this song. Which is surprising considering the last two crap filled singles from Christina, Xtina, Chrissy or whatever you want to call her.

    Goldlink makes the song for me. I see the audience Christina is trying to appeal to with this album. Unfortunately, that audience doesn't listen to pop, which is what she's known for. Also, Christina doesn't really shine on this song as much as she should, she's just there. Goldlinks verse is better, I want a version without Christina. :weusay:

  8. 1 hour ago, DJSLAYZEE said:

    Yeah. Honestly would rather see lgbt media at least praise straight men more than just being like “I’m cool w the gays, look at my abs” *cough nick jonas* as if there’s not clones of them already in every major city gym. And they all basic white gays- would love to have mainstream gay media hype a GOOD gay rapper

    Prince, a VERY straight man, has more masculinity and respect with queers in my book tbh. He literally was assless chaos on stage and addressed rumors of his sexuality in a popular song when being gay could legit ruin your career

    george Michael chose not to answer cause it was HIS private life and when he did he made tons of donations to AIDS research, made a whole album about the death of his boyfriend to AIDS and other queer life things and when outed by the police made a disco banger that basically made fun of the police



    Prince and David Bowie were and will always be the kings of androgynous music imo. Not only is their music legendary,  but the music they wrote and produced for so many female and male artist, the music they inspired for prominent artist whether they be female, male, gay, straight, bi, etc. It's also notable they both literally co-signed female artist (Janelle Monae + Lorde) before they passed. 

    This kid unfortunately is being baited out to the gay pop audience the same way Nick Jonas was. It's unfortunate because it clearly seems like he doesn't feel comfortable answering these questions over and over again. And most likely has to answer them twice in his personal life. I wonder if people would find Troye more appealing if he had a beefy six pack and wore suits instead of blouses? 

     I'm all for someone being brave enough to come out, it's one of the most liberating:madonna: things a person of the lgbtqi+  community can do. But it's a personal process, and it sucks when you're dragged out of the closet, but that's  if he's even gay in the first place. This reminds me of Taylor Lautner, and the Twilight craze. The gay community was hell bent on labeling him a closet queen. It's been 10 years and as far as we are supposed to know, he is still straight. 

  9. 2 hours ago, Cappycorn87 said:

    He is actually gay

    Since he has females checking for him and is a lucrative audience, they will keep him in the closet like most of the other closeted male celebs.

    Until he says it himself, it's not true or anyone's business. Which is what he should say next time someone insinuates his homosexuality.