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  1. Beyonce Surprise-Drops A New Remix Of "Sweet Dreams"

    YESS! I consider Blow to be Beyonce's "Breathe On Me". Pure pop sexuality perfection (regardless of gender)! 
  2. Beyonce Surprise-Drops A New Remix Of "Sweet Dreams"

    Can you eat my Skittles it's the sweetest in the middle ,YASSS!!
  3. Evidently children can sense pure evil.
  4. https://babe.net/2018/01/12/lets-pause-camilla-cabellos-new-album-and-look-back-at-her-racist-past-ok-26849 https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/109362091.html https://mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/camilaisoverparty?lang=en Someone posted the second link at the beginning of the month. It was actually in the original Blue Ivy Grammy thread. Alot of Exhalers defended the behavior seen in the articles. Pretty much excusing her use of the N word because she was 14 at the time.
  5. We get it Jordan, you stan just as hard for (thunder thighs) Justin as you do for Britney. 
  6. You stan for an unapologetic racist boo, plain and simple.
  7. Janet is my queen but when are they going to have Sade headline the Essence festival? (FYI Jordan, Angela Simmons just did a photoshoot channeling Janet, Beyonce and Sade. Looks nothing like any of them but bless her heart for trying.) 
  8. You could get mad but Exhalers say worse things about all of these women (even the ones Wesley praises here) on a daily basis.
  9. Now this is how you do a duet! Still not going to watch The Voice but this is legit a great pairing.