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    other Madonna "shades" Beyoncé

    I hate to bring race or anything into this. But you get it. You really do. I won't make assumptions on your ethnicity because it doesn't matter. But I'm black, and self-admittedly I find myself falling in this category of POC from time to time. But I agree with what you 100 % there is a inequitable standpoint on the social lines between being racist, ignorant and an advocate. Alot of people on both sides of the racial and social-economic side misconstrue and displace that line at times, especially on this forum. I think that's why I always enjoy your comments. You can find the balance in the BS.
  2. JChristian

    other Madonna "shades" Beyoncé

    Worshipping at the alter. This. If someone had posted pictures of Janet's albums the beehive would have praised the photo. But because Madonna is white she's automatically being "racist". Madonna has had just as much influence on Beyonce and her career as Janet Jackson and Tina Turner. Sad thing is Beyonce's fanbase is too ignorant to know any better.
  3. Cardi B is way too predictable and common at this point to be featured on Rihanna's first single. Plus, when was the last time Rihanna had another female on HER single? It was 2010 with Nicki Minaj and the song didn't even chart.
  4. I'm glad her album is a hit, she's been consistently producing bops for a while so she deserves this win.