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  1. Has Britney been photographed with Paris lately? I can understand that the highlight of Paris Hilton's life would be that Britney took a few pictures with her in public 10 years ago. But I'm sure Britney refers to Paris the way Paris refers to Lindsay. "She wasn't invited...she just jumped in the car."
  2. Billboard TOP ARTISTS of 2017 List

    I see none of my musical purchases have made a difference in 2017 according to billboard.
  3. Without stating the obvious, congrats Beyonce (and your annoying ass beehive).
  4. Or he could just leave the song alone and let it remain a classic.
  5. Was Jordan drunk when he posted this?
  6. Yeah it's a great song from a while ago (2011). It has a strong mid-late 90's R&B mid-tempo vibe to it.
  7. Stevie Nick's - Her voice is timeless and transcending. Whitney Houston - It's Not Right But It's Okay (Leeoks Extended Scream Remix) Florence Welch Dawn Richard P!nk Erykah Badu Sam Sparro Madonna
  8. Or at least Tiffany Haddish. I haven't laughed that hard at the movies in year and it was definitely a breakout performance.
  9. I'd be excited if this year's Golden Globe noms made any sense whatsoever. I don't understand how Christopher Plumber receives a nomination for a performance he literally shot (Kevin Spacey reshoot) last month? And Ridley Scott receives a nod for a film that hasn't come out yet and he hasn't even finished editing the film. No one (critics) has seen the damn film so how can the film or it's actors be nominated? Girls Trip receives zero nods, not even a Best Comedy/Musical nomination? Even though it was the only female driven comedy this year to gross over $100 million at the BO? And how the hell do Greta Gerwig (First film to receive a 100% RT scoring), and Jordan Peele not receive Best Director nods for Ladybird and Get Out? Congrats to Mariah but the fuckery has officially started for this award season.
  10. I agree. Her demos are better than her early album material. I still bump "Let Me Go" on my post breakup playlist.
  11. He can try as much as he wants. Even if and when "Perfect" goes number one. The top Christmas pop song will always be Mariah's "All I want for Christmas". But I'm low-key impressed at Ed Sheridan's pull in the industry to get Beyonce and THE Andrea Bocelli to appear on his song.
  12. It's sad if that's the case. Kesha's story is no less relevant than Taylor's (not to take anything from Taylor or any of these women.) I'm sure Kesha doesn't care about the recognition but I feel she deserves a bit more of it. Considering she has gone through hell and back over the last three years personally and professionally. She's courageously told her story and released one of the best pop efforts this year imo. Yes, she's still fighting for her artistic freedom but just that fight alone is something to admire and recognize. Either way I've developed a great deal of respect for Kesha over this past year. To see the artist she is becoming is cool thing.
  13. He gave some female fans herpes and they tried to sue him but lost.
  14. No but neither is Justin, culture vulture antics aside.
  15. I'm sure she regrets those cocky ass comments now.
  16. Exactly, as much as I love her ( and loathe her fans) Beyonce won't even show up to an award show unless she is going to win something. Or she gets to perform a 30 minute concert. There's no way she is going to be featured on this song and not have a writing credit all of a sudden.
  17. Wasn't "Perfect" a song already on Ed Sheridan's album? Beyonce was not one of those song writers so it's not her song boo. She's a featured artist (Nicki Minaj) But any number one after nine years is something. I wonder if Beyonce will take credit for creating Nala?
  18. Not her song so it's not her #1 but okay.
  19. I wonder if she bought any of Britney's perfumes?
  20. So is this what it's come to Usher?!? The collaboration absolutely NO ONE asked for???
  21. What would he perform at the Grammy's? He doesn't have any new material out yet. I don't think he would want to perform old material at the Superbowl AND the Grammy's. I don't think he's going to be missed at the Grammy's if he doesn't perform. But that's if this "report" is even accurate.