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Status Updates posted by PokemonSpears

  1. After almost 10 years, I finally got Blackout :notreally:


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    2. BrittonJeanSpears


      I thought you hated it! :crying2: We were the only ones on here to do so.

      Oh, you mean you BOUGHT it. :gloria: I still have a few to go, including Blackout. :yaknow: And why are you so sexy? :thirsty: f**k me, papi.

    3. PokemonSpears


      @BrittonJeanSpears I don't hate it, it's just my least favorite album, and I genuinely think it's her worst. Break the Ice is amazing though :myjam: 

    4. BrittonJeanSpears


      Slay that hatred, though. :myjam: Post your nudes, bitch! :lessons: You couldn't have even posted a shirtless selfie with Blackout?!

  2. I'm freaking out!!!! Vulpix and Ninetales of Ice???????? Sandshrew and Sandslash too?????? OMG what is life???

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    2. PokemonSpears


      @BrittonJeanSpears did you hear the rumor about Butterfree getting a Bug/Psychic Alola form?

    3. PokemonSpears


      If that's the case I wonder if Caterpie and Metapod are getting the change as well, because that's currently what I'm trying to figure out about Exeggcute. I doubt it is Grass/Dragon too, so the normal Exeggcute will just simply evolve into Alolan Exeggutor in that region?

    4. BrittonJeanSpears


      Butterfree is my all-time fave and I've been dying for a Bug/Psychic Mega to beef it up, but I'll settle for an Alola form. :YESPLEASE: I think it'll just be any Exeggcute that were caught/hatched in Alola will evolve into Alolan Exeggutor. They're apparently retroactively implementing Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalosian Forms. But that's just a rumor for now.

  3. the new Pokémon, Type: Null, UB-01, nothing makes sense anymore :orangu:

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    2. PokemonSpears


      Isn't there a band called UB40 or something? lol that's the only thing I can think about

    3. If U Seek Me

      If U Seek Me

      Tragic. :idkney:

      I have restarted my Game Boy Advance SP and my Pokémon Green Leaf.

      The new versions could nevah! :queenflopga:

    4. Applejack


      Well, there's Genesect, the ice cream thing, and the keys thing. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  4. Videografía de Britney Spears en VH1 Latinoamérica ahora mismo!!!!!! Feliz cumpleaños Britney 

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    2. PokemonSpears


      BOMT to finish it up

    3. portrait


      la envidia!!!!!!

      <3 <3 <3 


    4. Kammunist




  5. Scream & Shout sounds so good after all these years :bop: 

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    2. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      I want him to sound gut

    3. falka


      Yup still catchy but I'm actually angry that it's currently on charts in many places in the world and not any Brit's standard songs.:kyliecry:

    4. jamaphone


      Do you prefer the original or the remix? (For the song and video)

  6. So I was at work this morning and I almost choke while eating a granola bar. I almost die listening to Radar :embarrassney: Thank God my co-workers were there to help me, but all I could think of when it was happening was why that song? lol and not Oops or another more beautiful song to leave this world.

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    2. Electro World

      Electro World

      The best song to die to tbh :queenflopga:

    3. PokemonSpears
    4. BrittonJeanSpears


      Choking on granola? :hahaha: And almost dying to RADAR? My condolences.

  7. Better still sounds SO good :yesplease: 

    1. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      I hope the pun was intentional! :plzexplain:

    2. BrittonJeanSpears


      :eeek: Lean On sounds better, though. Pun fully intended. :hahaha: 

    3. PokemonSpears


      oh ooh-oh ooh-oh, oh ooh-oh ooh-oh when you know somebody:Lshark:

  8.  omg did you feel the earthquake, near california?

    1. If U Seek Me

      If U Seek Me

      @Trance: Are you okay? Will you die crushed by a street lamp? Killed by a heavy bookcase?


      Who will post scary BJ Harbey and Björn Bjorg gifs? RIP :crying2:

    2. If U Seek Me

      If U Seek Me

      @Zayn Malik: maybe his huge bubble butt* will help him survive this. :crying11:

      *We still need the evidence. :tbh:

    3. Trance


      @If U Seek Me Thanks for the concern, but nothing serious happened. I didn't even leave my bed when the earthquake hit. 

      giphy.gifpj harvey

      You're not getting any pics. Deal with it. :reductive: 

  9. I'm finally seeing POM tonight. I'm so nervous, because I'm traveling alone  :idkney:

    1. jamaphone


      There will be lots of cool people in the line for the show-- Have fun!!

    2. SlaymeMore


      You'll meet great people and have a good time for sure! 



  10. I'm addicted to Exhale :overwhelm: 

    1. IUSAtonight


      Same :overwhelm: It's like a bad habit for me.

    2. BrittonJeanSpears


      Too high, can't come down...

  11. Just felt an earthquake :lostney:  scared the sh!t out of me :giggleney:

    1. SlayOut


      Earthquakes always scare the crap out of me! :meltdown: My heart races so fast tbh; I hate aftershocks the most though! Especially if they come relatively close after the main earthquake (and are sometimes stronger than the main one...) :scalped:

      Was that your first one? 

    2. If U Seek Me
  12. Merry Christmas ya'll! :groovin:

    1. fucknfurter


      Merry Christmas! :)

    2. jamaphone


      It's Britmas bitch!

  13. the BackstreetBoys VEVO account uploaded all of the iHeartRadio performances, when will Britney's? :idkney:

    1. SlayOut


      Larry best learn how to click that upload button! :NYsassy: I need 1080p quality videos to make an HQ Knee Tap gif! :lessons:

    2. Looukas


      I just checked and it's in friggin 4K too. :4music: 

  14. Remember when Britney sung Something to Talk About? :overwhelm: I can't believe it happened. I watched it again today and I almost cried lol

    1. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      Aww, literally same. Watched it last night and even wanted to make a throwback thread. :crying1:

    2. reecejwilson


      Do you think she sings under the playback? :calculating: It's a possibility 

      She has such a powerful voice :urite:

  15. Omg they're playing Hard to Forget Ya at the las Vegas airport lol 

    1. reecejwilson


      Hard to Forget Ya 3rd single confirmed :urite:

  16. I dreamed that Britney was forced to perform along with Xtina for the Whitney tribute, but she was wearing the original POM outfit for the Blackout section, from 2013, with the wig and everything, and she didn't want to do it, but Xtina insisted, but she just wanted to humiliate her. Rihanna was there too, and I was in the audience watching everything but felt really bad for her lol

    1. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      It's a nightmare. I always wonder, during the VMA2007 it almost seems to me like Rihanna laughed at Britney at on point. But it could be anything. Still, this probably false interpretation still haunts me.

  17. New Pokémon Legendaries and Starters revealed!!! I'm so excited @BrittonJeanSpears

    1. RomallowsJean


      Same day that Make Me release date is revealed! Slay Pokeney!

  18. I love white rice SO MUCH :makeitrain: If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would white rice :kyliecry:

  19. I had a dream B10 came out of nowhere, and she didn't even tweet about it, it just appeared on iTunes and Spotify, but it was just like tracks that didn't make it to Glory, from the same songwriters and producers, etc. But it wasn't available in my country and I was so desperate to hear it lol At the end I was never able to, and I woke up, but it was still exciting :P

  20. I went to this sex shop last Saturday, and Toxic started playing a minute after I entered the store. That kind of things doesn't surprise me anymore. #ThePowerOfGodney :crying1:

  21. They played (I've Just Begun) Having My Fun at Spencer's today. I was like, is this real life?? :ohmygawd: It's not one of my favorite songs or something, but it was just so random.

    I got to listen to I Wanna Go earlier at Macy's, but that was a more well known single, so it didn't surprise me.

  22. I'm so emotional now that POM is over :kyliecry: what am I to do with my life all these months til the August performance?

  23. Happy 18th anniversary ...Baby One More Time (and Criminal turns 5 as well)