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  1. Is it Britney speaking in "Change Your Mind"?

    That's definitely not her
  2. Why doesn't her hair curl up anymore?

    is that even her hair anymore? in the past years she's cut her hair super short several times only to get super long extensions 5 minutes later (I prefer her with longer hair though, but I think her natural hair would look better even if she doesn't have as many as she once said)
  3. Sorryyyyy

    you can see how that little mistake totally broke her down. That's what I always talk about, a tiny little thing doesn't go as "planned" and she becomes this bundle of nerves that moves at 100x speed, she starts doing all those twirls and pulling up her panties.
  4. Britney song in a wedding comercial, NTIFY

    en serio? toda mi vida fui fan de Onda Vaselina y OV7, hasta la sigo en su canal de YouTube y a Erika también De hecho, nunca en mi vida fui a ningún concierto, hasta el año pasado, y mi primer concierto fue el 90's Pop Tour (incluso antes de ir a ver a Britney a Las Vegas). Quería verlos cuando vinieron con Kabah, pero no pude en ese entonces. Con Mariana me quedé traumado cuando en Plan B le hicieron como una regresión o algo así, y que salieron sus vidas pasadas, y que por qué peleaba tanto con su hermano y que su papá que acababa de fallecer de algún modo como que iba a reencarnar en su hijo, porque era cuando estaba embarazada. Me quedé así como bien impactado con eso. Pues qué padre que sea tu prima jajaa dile que tiene un gran fan en Tijuana que la estima mucho y a sus compañeros :P Oye y de qué año es eso? Porque ahorita ella trae el look diferente no?
  5. Britney song in a wedding comercial, NTIFY

    Is that Mariana Ochoa?
  6. Why Piece of Me tickets are so expensive?

    or maybe they were threatened by RCA that if they didn't pay now the money lost on the original MM video, there wouldn't be more scrapped videos in the future.
  7. Now That I Found You could be a hit single

    Omg yes but people kept voting for TIG and ISBE, even Body Ache Im still waiting for the third single
  8. The creator of "it's Britney, bitch" phrase? Yes, please. Britney will be thrilled
  9. iHeart Radio 2016 new angle bits

    I love Britney Spears
  10. iHeart Radio 2016 new angle bits

    I love her voice
  11. Why Piece of Me tickets are so expensive?

    jk, it really is expensive if it isn't even a good seat
  12. Why Piece of Me tickets are so expensive?

    Great choreography awesome outfits, live singing, do you need any more reasons?
  13. well, I bet he hasn't heard Britney Jean yet
  14. Circus Work Bitch Criminal If U Seek Amy / Womanizer Slumber Party I Wanna Go Original Make Me... would've been here Scream & Shout Remix 3 Ooh La La Scream & Shout Radar Hold It Against Me Till the World Ends Pretty Girls Perfume Make Me...
  15. Why doesn’t she use the original choreography?

    because she likes to keep things interesting and fresh
  16. What are 3 of your "No Britney Noooo" moments?

    The Gimme More video / VMAs performance Most if not all the FF performances (only in retrospective cause at the time I actually enjoyed it) Every time she wore a wig during POM Also appearing on that Miley Cyrus song, or collaborating with Iggy Azalea, Pitbull, Rome Santos. Using Selena Gomez as inspiration for her album. Perfume video. PG video. MM video.
  17. I love them all Oops!... I Did It Again Stronger / Overprotected / (You Drive Me) Crazy [The Stop! Remix] ...Baby One More Time / Can't Make You Love Me / Lucky Where Are You Now / Bombastic Love Cinderella / Don't Go Knockin' on My Door / Girl in the Mirror
  18. any other young britney fans on exhale?

    I'm 24 years young and ya'll make me feel like I'm the oldest s--t in this world
  19. and that's why things will never change, as long as she keeps doing that much without moving a finger, so we should accept our fate already
  20. Worst interview look (video)

    also FF, but there are too much to choose from