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  1. I suppose you're being sarcastic but I really need this Britney on an HD music video of hers, professional makeup, hair, outfits
  2. Most flawless she's ever looked in a music video?

    Stronger Me Against the Music (can't find good MATM gifs, but ya'll know the video) Overprotected (International) Do Somethin' (lame video but she looks awesome) Circus Other mentions: Womanizer the kitchen scene, OIDIA, ILRNR, Criminal the hall scene, Darkchild Remix, Toxic, S&S Remix, SP with the blue dress/skirt
  3. I just wish she captured her current fitness in some music video.
  4. If I was Britney I would sell stuff on Ebay

    If I was Britney I would go around the house wearing her iconic outfits but selling signed stuff on ebay sounds good too
  5. She needed a break after BRITNEY

    during the Britney era there's an interview (at least one that I remember) when she clearly says by 22-23 she sees herself being a mom, and that it was her biggest dream. I don't know if she was still with Justin or they had already broken up. But yeah, for some reason she was always desperate to start a family, as if she was going to live just to age 30 or something. That was her choice though
  6. Britney should get a song like HAVANA

    I haven't dared to listen to that Havana song, but this sounds fantastic
  7. New IG- idk what to make the title

    slay that dress rehearsal for the Liar videoclip
  8. I don't think she does it consciously but chewing gum might help her relax, because the brain interprets the act of chewing, whether is gum or real food, as if one was eating, and if one is eating it means we're safe. Bonus info, I read somewhere else that people that chews gum look more popular or "cool" to the people that surrounds them, but I don't remember the reason of that lol
  9. I saw her on October 25th and she chewed gum almost the entire show, until she had to blow the glitter during Breathe on Me. Don't listen to this with high volume, but here's my video. Sorry you can't hear sh!t, but that's my phone lol apparently it was some kind of configuration I didn't find until after the show. At 2:38 you can see when she takes the gum out of her mouth (and she never puts it back in, so she probably just threw it away lol)
  10. What would you call the movie of Britney's life?

    I am Britney Jean
  11. What would you call the movie of Britney's life?

    Pieces of Me
  12. What would you call the movie of Britney's life?

    I'm a mom now
  13. What would you call the movie of Britney's life?

    "My 30 years in Vegas" is another nice title
  14. I had seen Britney comments but didn't know where it came from
  15. What do you guys think of the 3 music video?

    It was the first video I started to notice something weird in her face. Like, she looked different, I don't know. And the leotards weren't very flattering for her body. Overall, I never had any kind of particular feeling towards the video. I don't hate it. I don't love it. It was just kind of nice, because of the song itself, but it was weird. Not weird in a negative sense, just odd. Unusual. And it was partly because of the feeling that I wanted to have more videoclips from the Circus album. Radar wasn't a nice way to close the era, even when the video is good, I needed a video for Unusual You, Shattered Glass, a real video or at least a video of the full song for Kill the Lights, etc. Over the years the 3 video has become quite forgettable to me. I prefer some takes from the Director's Cut btw, although in some parts she looks like Lady Gaga.
  16. the sleeper hit is coming for ya'll
  17. Do you see Scream & Shout as a dark or a light song?

    Definitely dark But not because of the lyrics, but the sound
  18. She even made two videoclips for Make Me... When will Radar
  19. her hand D:

    Definitely. I don't have anxiety (as a permanent condition, as far as I know) but constantly I find myself doing strange things, not rapid movements like Britney's, but things like putting my thumb's fingernail against my lips (without biting) or touching my left scapula with my right hand. I still haven't found a connection between, I don't know, my job or other kind of problems that could stress me and cause this kind of things, suddenly I just find myself talking to people, showing them my right elbow lol but what I'm sure of is that I do that when I feel like I don't know what to do with my hands/arms when I'm walking, or just when I'm seating talking with someone else. Some days it's stronger than others. Now whatever condition is that Britney has, must be even more logical that she falls into this kind of mannerisms, that we've seen have evolved from the rapid mid-crouching, the head tilting, the chest explosion, the butt wiping, and now the jerking move. She would need some kind of dance therapy, but she should dance to her own songs. I mean, at this point when we're just 5 or 4 shows away from the end of the residency, there's no point, but in an ideal world, she should've dance on repeat to her own music, with a real choreographer, and find a way to fill all the empty spaces with moves that looked more natural, that felt more natural, that helped her relax instead of mortifying her more, for whatever reason that is.
  20. Everytime INTRO - Vegas Edition Appreciation Thread

    It gives me Pokémon Mystery Dungeon vibes. Actually it would be interesting if she worked with the musicians that make the soundtracks of the most famous videogames, at least Pokémon videogames, Super Mario, etc. I know most of the videogames, even if they're not that well known, have great soundtracks nowadays, but I think Nintendo's are always catchier. The only problem would be the lyrics, but they could always get someone to work with the finished tracks. Or they could work the other way around, or I don't know. Maybe just remixing her old hits for her upcoming tour/residency/show would be nice. Videogame songs aren't just the 8-bit tracks one would think of if your not familiar with current videogames (even though that wouldn't be bad). The main Pokémon games have great music, but I think the Mystery Dungeon series have the most beautiful melodies.
  21. Queen of being more perfect, before being perfect (video)

    Symmetry =/= perfection when it comes to human face. There has to be an overall symmetry in the facial features in order to look pleasant, but an absolute symmetry produces a weird, unnatural result. It is interesting to watch though.

    It's a combination of everything. We can't blame just one part of the formula, but I picked the record label. Ultimately it is the record label who owns the material she records right? And they're the most interested in her albums and singles selling well. I believe they could find ways to promote her music, despite her lack of promo or interest or lazyness or whatever you want to blame her for. She could have all the attitude, and go to all the shows and perform live, and sing and dance, but there are things that go beyond her control, like GP's lack of interest in her new stuff. So yeah, she needs to step up her game, but the label has to make sure her music, her promo performances and everything is everywhere, with additional deals, sponsors, I don't know, or else her effort would be pointless. How many indie people is out there promoting the hell out of their music, but don't achieve a big success because they don't have the support of a record label? Britney right now is almost as if she had no label backing her up. If she didn't have the residency, and tried to go on a tour with BJ or Glory, she would've probably had to cancel many dates because of the low sales. Or who knows. Now, we could say is probably Larry's job to talk with the people from the label, and insist that they keep supporting her even if her singles don't do well. Like find a way to repair the damage a bad single does to her career, releasing a better single the next time. But if it's not among his priorities, because he has the residency, or he doesn't want to bother Britney, or he thinks there's no more point to insist with more tracks because he thinks they already released the best of the album. Or maybe he was pissed because he wanted Clumsy to be the single but nobody liked it lol So I repeat, it's a combination of everything. But I think out of the three parts, Britney, her management and the label, the only one that could save the things despite the other two being wrong, is the record label because it's the element that has more power and control of the things. If Britney does things right, but her management and label don't, it won't work. If Larry is doing things right, but Britney and the label aren't cooperating, it won't work. If Britney and Larry have the worst attitude and make the worst decisions, but the record label does its work properly, then things might work out even then. At least that's what I think a record label should be able to do.
  23. Britney: Name That Song (Game)

    Answer bitch? Unbroken