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    music Your opinion on B in the mix

    I think an Oops remix is missing. DLMBTLTK was kinda random. I think it was ok, and there was a time when I got kinda obsessed with the remixes, but over the years they haven't aged that well.
  2. PokemonSpears

    other I just listened to "Oops..." again and I'm blown away

    the best album indeed
  3. PokemonSpears

    music Which song did POM ruin for you?

    I actually liked the vocals they used originally for Stronger, later they changed them for some reason. The chorus is the only part that was kinda cringy for me. Boys wasn't ruined for this performance per se, but more for the fact it's been performed on every tour as if it was Slave or something. Womanizer and Circus were almost ruined for me, well, not really, but close. I think they're such amazing songs and they've never gotten a performance that make them justice. And so TTWE.
  4. I feel lucky in that sense as well, because being a kid, time went by more slowly to me, and I could experience, appreciate and precisely differentiate each of her first eras. I mean, her first three albums came out back to back, in a shorter amount of time than what POM has lasted, and yet she was like a whole different Britney on each era. She kept evolving. I remember when Toxic came out, I was in 5th grade; Oops came out when I was in 1st grade, so it felt like it had been an eternity ago. If we take the 00's decade, I was 6 when Oops came out, and I was 16 when 3 came out. This year it's gonna be 10 years since Circus, and it definitely doesn't feel like that much time has passed. Time flies faster each year for me.
  5. I think 2000 - 2001, we could include 1999 as well. 2008 was pretty exciting once Womanizer and Circus came out, which was almost at the end of the year.
  6. I didn't want to start another thread for this, but talking about 2016, I just stumbled upon this 2016 interview I hadn't seen in a while, I'm crying and laughing at Britney remaining unbothered while the poor woman perishes in the flowrider at the end of the clip
  7. I think that interview is when she first looked alive after a long time
  8. PokemonSpears

    music "Look in the mirror....

    depending on her mood she might end up singing "that the girl in my mirror, the girl in my mirroooor, is meeeeeeeeeeeeee"
  9. But one thing is her personal imrpovement, but if we talk in general, I think for most of us, at least for me, the musical aspect is the most important, or things related to her career. 2011: Femme Fatale and the 4 singles. S&M, FFT, Vanguard Award, BBMA performances 2012: X Factor, Scream & Shout (including will.i.am creating the It's Britney, bitch phrase) 2013: S&S Remix, Ooh La La, WB, Desert Performance, Perfume, Britney Jean, IABJ, POM 2014: PCA, Wigney, POM 2015: PG, BBMA performance, TD, appearances, POM 2016: POM 2.0, BBMA performance, Glory, festivals, Hands 2017: , POM 2.0, Asia Tour, New Year's Eve performance 2018: Kenzo? and soon the POM Tour I'd rank the years like so: 2016 2013 2015 2012 2011 2017 2014 and we'll have to waitn and see for 2018
  10. Well, as a person that commented about 2016 in that thread, I feel the obligation to say that I don't deny the credit 2013 deserves. Not only that, I even give credit to 2012ney despite many in here hating the X Factor era. I think even that was a step forward from FF. I've said it before, she showed improvement each year: 2012 was better than 2011, 2013 was better than 2012, 2014 was better than 2013 not so much for the wigs, but in the summer she looked really good and with the short hair she started to perform a little bit better, especially October. Then 2015 was even better, her appearance at the Super Bowl, then something weird happened during her vacation and PG music video, but then we got the BBMA and all the other awards appearances later that year, mermaid hair, etc. Then 2016 was even better than 2015, with the magazine, POM 2.0, BBMA, Private Show ad, even after the MM fiasco, we got Slumber Party video, the festivals, etc. 2017 was the first year she didn't show an improvement, but kinda a step backward. Still was really good, but the lack of music and news is what really killed it. And 2018 it's been kinda, non-existent, or I really can't remember what we've gotten this year. Edit: Oh yeah, Kenzo
  11. PokemonSpears

    music Idea of B10 album name?

    Black and White Rainbow
  12. PokemonSpears

    music Idea of B10 album name?

    Britney Spears: the 10th album
  13. PokemonSpears

    socialney CD Singles

    but that EP remix didn't even include the standard track, did it? but I guess it can be counted as "the single"
  14. PokemonSpears

    music READ: This needs to be said about her lyrics.

    I've always cared more about the final product, the mixture between all of the elements of the song, the beat and rhythm the it has, the pace. I only care about the lyrics because of their sound: if they rhyme, if they're pronounced in a certain way, if they go along with the melody or create a nice contrast, how they mix up with the instruments. I always put as an example Mexican band Kabah. They released a promo single whose only lyrics were "na na na"'s and combinations of other syllables. It was actually really catchy and it was even performed live and everything lol Even a song like the original Tom's Diner which is an acapella, its true appeal is the way Suzanne's voice sounds and the "melody" it creates, the feeling it evokes, despite the lack of music. It's not so much about the fact that she was pouring milk or looking for the funnies. I totally agree the lyrics aren't as important or crucial as people make them seem, but I guess it wouldn't hurt anyone to have a "meaningful" song at least per album, for those who complain.
  15. it was #1 on the Billboard's Dance Club Songs though
  16. PokemonSpears

    music How to get the GP on board with next era?

    She should release Toxic as the lead single and BOMT as the second. Slave comes at third and OIDIA to close the era. The album tracks would be new songs for the fans
  17. PokemonSpears

    music How to get the GP on board with next era?

    I don't know what she's waiting for to become a youtuber herself. She could release longer videos than Instagram of her workouts, running with her dogs and painting, or just rambling. Makeup tutorials ( ), q&a's, ASMR, cooking recipes, hallway fashion runways, house tours, etc. She could also have like a #MusicalFriday where she would sing a whole song (under the chipmunk filter of course) featuring a fellow singer like Don Philip or Ludacris.
  18. PokemonSpears

    music How to get the GP on board with next era?

    a veterinarian?
  19. PokemonSpears

    event Grand Prix

    am I the only one expecting a medley of Work Bitch, Womanizer, Missy Elliot and Slave from that performance?
  20. PokemonSpears

    tour To all my Mohegan peeps....

    Sometimes she's scared of us That perfect moment when the dancers were dressed up as police officers and had to act like one
  21. despite being her most disliked video on youtube, it somehow is one of the most liked as well weird