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  1. any other young britney fans on exhale?

    I'm 24 years young and ya'll make me feel like I'm the oldest s--t in this world
  2. and that's why things will never change, as long as she keeps doing that much without moving a finger, so we should accept our fate already
  3. Worst interview look (video)

    also FF, but there are too much to choose from
  4. Worst interview look (video)

    this I would also add
  5. I won't deny that there's obviously people in the industry that wants to sexualize everything to appeal to a certain audience, but as you said, "creep who jerks off to young teen girls" would do so even if she was wearing a nun's habit. And not to sound cheesy, but as she would later sing on Oops, she wasn't that innocent either. At 16 years old and around that age, teenagers start to wake up to their sexuality. Being from a country where we stop wearing school uniforms until we enter college /uni for me it was pretty normal/common (independently if it was morally correct or not) to see my female classmates folding their skirts to make them shorter, putting their socks higher to have a sexier look or super short to show more skin (depending on what was the current trend), wearing makeup, unbuttoning their blouses, stuffing their bras, etc. I'm 24 and when I leave work I have to take the public transportation at the same stop I used to take when I was in high school, and now I see the students which are like 15-18 years old and they look like babies to me, but I DO remember that at that age you feel like an adult. You feel like you're super mature, that you know everything about life, and sex and relationships and stuff, well I talk for what I saw with my classmates because I was a pretty bizarre specimen myself that didn't follow any of the normal teenage rules, but it was pretty normal that people that young wanted to look attractive to the other gender, or the same gender whatever their preference was. Everybody is exploring their sexuality whether is with other people or by themselves. How many of the current fans became fans on their teenage years because of Blackout? Of course most of the teenagers are wrong and they're not the smartest, actually most of them are pretty dumb, as we can see all the cases of teen pregnancies and stuff, but the truth is that the sexual desire is there, even at such a young age. On top of that, Britney definitely didn't look like 16, she must've been one of those girls that are super precocious that develop earlier than the rest. Maybe that's where all this fetish kind of connotation that some people feel watching the video comes from, because she looks older, but that wasn't anyone's fault. Maybe in the US it was weird because only little girls wear those uniforms, if they even wear uniforms at some point, but for the rest of the countries like mine, it was very appealing because it was just what normal girls did. My point is, that in the particular case of the BOMT video, I don't doubt that creeps in the industry took advantage of this image after they saw it, but I don't think anyone forced Britney to wear that outfit or do those dance moves in the first place, or that sexual innuendos were mischievously placed as secret messages throughout the clip. I just see a normal teenager trying to be cool and sexy (her standards of cool and sexy) because that's what most teenagers want. No teenager that was to appear on a music video seen by everyone, would want to look like a dork, hence why she refused the whole Power Rangers-esque concept. I mean, just looking at the original concept they wanted for the video, we can be sure the last thing they planned for Britney was to sell her as a sex symbol. I'm convinced the whole sexiness thing came from Britney. That later the executives saw this and didn't stop it from growing, but probably even supported it in the future, that's a topic from another debate, but I don't think Britney was a victim in this particular case.
  6. So I stumbled upon this article earlier this week. It is originally written in Spanish, so I don't think there is an English version of this. It was written as some kind of parody, not so serious but yet the author isn't making fun of Britney either (or at least it's a so high level of sarcasm that it doesn't come off as offensive) Here's the link to the original article, but I'll try to translate for ya'll who love long reads. (I used Google Translator so, sorry in advance lol) Britney Spears may have been Nietzsche's Übermensch We have reasons to believe that Britney, bitch, was the embodiment of what Nietzsche hoped for the future of humanity. Montserrat Fernández de Bergia feb. 13 2018, 9:00am Disclaimer: this article has the purpose of recreation and parody; it is not a moral recommendation, nor support for female submission, nor a treatise on mental illness that Britney Spears may or may not have. Interview yourself with Nietzsche's own cynicism. The beginning of the 21st century was not the welcome, as the superstitious old women expected, of a hellish catastrophe that would end with the world. We did not see ride the seven riders of the Apocalypse-unless they are considered a metaphor for the destruction of the planet-nor did a seven-headed beast with ten horns appear, as Saint John promised. However, we saw the irruption of a character of which Nietzsche would be deeply proud: Britney Spears. Britney Jean Spears was born on December 2, 1981 in a town in Mississippi and then moved to Kentwood, Louisiana. This type of family, town and country are what Nietzsche calls the resentful and lambs. According to the philosopher, the Christian morality of submission is the denial of the will to power; the subordination to the canon strips man of his capacity to live fully, to self-create, deploying his strength and superiority in each step. Britney Spears' mother was one of the first "Chris Jenners", having her daughter dabble in acting in a rare Mickey Mouse show. This lady had ideals of power and greatness to which Nietzsche would assent with slight satisfaction. The great moment comes in 1999 when Oops!... I Did It Again came out [I know, it hurts when they interchange BOMT and OIDIA facts ]. The aesthetics of the video and the way in which it was sold to pedophile gentlemen who ask to be legalized to those of 16, caused a tension between Christian morality and the exercise of the will to power in adolescent Britney: "the word 'superman' (Übermensch), which designates a type of optimal constitution, in contrast to 'modern' men, with 'good' men, with Christians and other nihilists, a word that, in the mouth of Zarathustra, the annihilator of morality, becomes a a very worthy word of reflection [...] ". Britney found that definition very attractive and the transformation had begun. Nietzsche says that "in my opinion, 'there are only facts'. And perhaps, more than facts, interpretations. We do not know any fact in itself, and it seems absurd to expect it ". This perhaps went through Britney's head when she gladly accepted the image of an innocent and hypersexualized schoolgirl; the fact does not matter, but the interpretation and use that can be given to him to reach his goal of being superman. In this sense, "the 'sense of truth' when the morality of 'you should not lie' is rejected, it must be legitimized before another forum: as a means of conservation of man, as a will to power. " Britney knew that she could manage the masses with her image and the deepest messages contained in her music. The tender façade would only serve to gain the confidence of the creationist resentful lambs, and then let them fall as God intended. The lie blurs morality and becomes the secret ingredient of the superman. Little by little, she left behind the infantile image of chewing gum; the red latex jumpsuit and the poor imbecile who recovered the diamond from the Titanic on Mars was only the first step. With the single Stronger, Britney began to write in pop culture a treaty that went against the moral of Kentwood and that affirmed its power over the plebs. The only truth was that Britney Spears was strengthened, fueled by collective stupidity, and affirmed her superiority in each single of her albums: "and 'to go to the other side' is to surpass oneself and reach the Übermensch". However, it will be with the My Prerogative album with which the beautiful blonde beast would break the western paradigm of morality: They say I'm crazy I really don't care That's my prerogative They say I'm nasty But I don't give a damn Getting boys is how I live Some ask me questions Why am I so real? "The criterion of truth is in direct ratio of the increase in the feeling of strength." Phrase of the work The will to power that seems to guide the life of Britney Spears in the following years. If we listen to Britney and Nietzsche, the criterion of truth, the very real reality, is linked to how much power you have and how you exercise it. To present oneself to the world having the power of fame and to control the crowd, puts Britney on a rung beyond the merely human. Nietzsche says that man is a transition between animal and superman, and Spears confirms that there are radical differences between these two. The lambs began to resent the power of the beautiful blonde beast dressed in latex, filling any place with accusations and insults for being immoral and "a bad example for children". But it is only "the hatred of the mediocre against the most gifted, the flock against the independents," Nietzsche would say. Let's go through the story a bit until we get to 2007. Let's avoid certain mistakes, humans too human, such as the marriage with childhood friend in Las Vegas and let's arrive at the moment preferred by the public: mental collapse. This year was, in the eyes of the world, particularly difficult for Britney Spears. In fact it was the year where the true, unique and unrepeatable blond beast was displayed before the world; the superman would reveal himself savage. The artist was signing her divorce with Kevin Federline and dating another beautiful blond beast: Paris Hilton. According to the press, the substances were wreaking havoc on Britney, but "you have to be immoral, without a doubt, to do moral action ..." and she wanted to establish a moral where the powerful like her completely dominate the herds. Britney wanted and felt ready to take the next and last step in her quest to become superman; "Desire dimensions everything that is desired; and, in addition, it grows, when it is not satisfied; to the point, that the greatest ideas were created based on the most vivid desires. " Being a beautiful blonde beast no longer satisfied Spears' desire. Also, psychoanalysts would say, long hair is a form of submission in women, because it is the first thing that is pulled to control them in sex. She wanted more power. Her desire took shape when wearing a sports outfit, her desire saw a barber shop that she approached determined to establish a new moral. At the war cry that sang "my mother is gonna freeeeeaaaaaaaak", Britney Spears took her destiny in her own hands, while repeating inwardly "Look, I am a lightning announcer and a heavy drop that falls from the cloud: but that ray is called Übermensch" and he shaved to knee. Shortly after, when the media shouted that Britney Spears was insane and a threat to herself and others, the beautiful beast decided to show them her superiority by attacking them with an umbrella. Far from being the image of the decadence of the West, the photographs of this fact show the splendor of the powerful gentlemen of whom Nietzsche speaks. Moreover, in the face of madness and media harassment, the philosopher would say "what I demand from everyone, even though it sounds bad to the ears, is that you submit to an absolute criticism your moral evaluations", which translates into Britney Spears' single called Piece of Me. However, Britney Spears succumbed to the pressure of sanctimonious and puritanical American morality. She accepted "help" -retrone in her transformation-, undergoing "rehabilitation" treatments that annihilated her desire to create herself, shaved and everything, far from the customs and expectations of resentful lambs. It is a pity that she was so close to being all that Nietzsche dreamed of and that she regretted in the end. I know that the philosopher embraced another horse in the afterlife when he saw that. We will always have the portrait of overcoming the human hitting the paparazzi, while the sky was opening and Nietzsche shouted: "I love those who, to sink into its decline and sacrifice, do not seek a reason behind the stars: they sacrifice themselves to the earth so it sometime becomes the Übermensch's earth. " ver, very cool
  7. Watch her give a 15 min speech when she receives that perfume of the year award lol
  8. E! News Insensitive Instagram Post

    I think she wouldn't like to be reminded of that. But at the same time I think we should accept people will keep bringing this up, and if we wanna be very positive, this helps us to see with better eyes what she's doing right now, because of the comparison between that part of her past and her current life.
  9. I always prefer Blondeney. But, if she went brunette now, I don't know how it would work with her new face and her new makeup habits (aka racoon eyes) and the obsession for orange skin
  10. Why didn’t she shave her head at home? (2007)

    Because she was already used to being followed by paparazzi. And probably she didn't have a hair clipper at home
  11. Balletney strikes again

    She GIVES lessons
  12. How come she looked like primeney here?

    I was thinking about this the other day. Can you imagine the preparation for this, like the awkward moment she has to put her head on his lap, or to lift her up, wasnt she scared or something lol i wish we had some bts footage